It is recommend to use the Summer School Course Requests  process in Aeries.

Districts have the option of setting up Summer School in the current database, in next year’s database or creating a separate database for ONLY summer school.

The more common option is to add additional school codes to the current year’s database in Spring and then copy over students from the regular schools. Normal procedures apply, including tagging these students as No Shows.  Students will not count as actively enrolled until they enroll and the Status Tag (STU.TG) is removed.

If setting up Summer School in next years database attention must be made to certain consequences that can occur when adding Summer School to the SQL database that is being used for regular schools. If you have traditionally referred to summer school as the start of a school year, having summer school in the same SQL database as the regular school students would show as being enrolled from July until the following June, which is NOT recommended.

In this circumstance it would be our recommendation that you create a separate SQL database containing only summer school. This would be the cleanest option but does require switching databases as well as schools throughout the setup process. Once summer starts the Aeries administrator can change permissions on last years database to read only, to prevent “accidental” changes of data that should now be locked.

The Update History From Summer School Grades/CS process does support pulling Grades from a separate SQL database and the grades will be copied over into Transcripts (HIS) table.

Prior to setting up summer school there are decisions that must be determined and procedures that need to be followed.

  • It must be decided whether the current year’s database, next year’s database or a separate SQL database will be used when setting up summer school.
  • A school number must be selected.  
    • Districts may want to reference back to the school holding summer school. 
    • For example, if the school is 001 use school number 901.
  • Determine if there be more than one school attending the same summer school.
  • If there is a double session of summer school use separate sections for each session. 
    • Setup separate semester codes, such as, 1/2 or F/S. 
    • If a student attends both sessions, enter sections for each session.
  • After all students have been copied into summer school they should have their Status Tag (STU.TG) field populated.
    • All students should be populated with an "N" in the Status Tag (STU.TG) field.
    • If there is a waiting list, students' Status Tag (STU.TG) field can be populated with a "W"
    • Status Tag (STU.TG) codes must be setup in the Code Table.
    • In Student Demographics, type the date they registered in the Enter Date (STU.ED).
    • Students can then be enrolled using a first come, first served basis.

These procedures are only a guideline for setting up summer school.