Once the Early Childhood Development options have been set up, Early Childhood Development information can be entered for individual students. If there are any items missing that would prevent the student's EESD-9600 form from printing, a warning box will display on the student's Early Childhood Development page notifying the user of the missing items.

In this example a student is missing the Family Key on their Student Demographics page and Family Size and Monthly Income for the current school year in the Free and Reduced page. 
Once all the required student information is added users can begin updating a student's Early Childhood Development form. Click on the Pencil icon to edit the Early Childhood Development page.

The Early Childhood Development Student Options page will open. Enter the Early Childhood Development information for your student. Information added here will print on the student's EESD-9600 application and will be part of the CDD-801a extract.  

Please note that if a Funding Source is entered for your student, that student's information will not be part of the CDD-801a extract.  Values in the Funding Source field indicate a funding source other than the state. Therefore, students with this field populated will not be included in the State's CDD-801a extract. 

 When all data has been entered click the Save icon to save the data and exit Edit mode.