Since an SSID must be obtained for Pre-Kindergarten students who are pending a special education evaluation with the date that a parent consented for the evaluation, districts can determine their own protocol for this process.  LEAs can manually obtain an SSID at CALPADS or use a school within Aeries and obtain an SSID using the CALPADS Create SSID Request File extract process.  If the SSID is obtained through Aeries and the student doesn't qualify, "no show" (N470) the student's enrollment.

Here are the guidelines from CDE:

  • SSIDs should be obtained for Pre-Kindergarten students referred for services who are pending evaluations on the reporting dates (12/1 or 6/30).
  • Enrollment Start Date should be the date parental consent for evaluation was signed for the student.
  • Once SSID is obtained, the LEA may exit student as a "no show" (N470) to essentially nullify the enrollment in CALPADS. 
  • Using a "no show" (N470) to nullify the enrollment will prevent the LEA from having to submit additional data about the student.
  • If the student is found eligible for services after reporting dates, a subsequent enrollment should be submitted to CALPADS along with the Student Program information.
  • Nothing additional should be done for students who are found to be ineligible.