As part of the CASEMIS to CALPADS (aka C2C) transition, the CDE has updated the CASEMIS Table A and Table B formats for the 2018-2019 school year. Below is a list of the fields in the Student SPED File and the Student Services File. As Aeries builds support for these files we will include the field mapping to the Aeries fields. 

Student SPED File:

Field #Public NameAeries Table/FieldAeries Field Name
14.01Record Type Code

14.02Transaction Type Code

14.03Local Record ID

14.04Reporting LEA

14.05School of Attendance

14.06School of Attendance NPS

14.07Academic Year ID


14.09Local Student ID

14.1Local Special Education Student ID

14.11Student Legal First Name

14.12Student Legal Last Name

14.13Student Birth Date

14.14Student Gender Code

14.15Reporting SELPA

14.16District of Special Education Accountability

14.17Special Education Referral Date

14.18Referring Party Code

14.19Initial Evaluation Parental Consent Date

14.2Special Education Meeting Type Code

14.21Special Education Meeting Date

14.22Student Special Education Evaluation or Amendment Identifier

14.23Evaluation Delay Code

14.24Education Plan Type Code

14.25Education Plan Amendment Date

14.26Primary Residence Code

14.27Special Education Initial Service Start Date

14.28Disability 1 Code

14.29Disability 2 Code

14.3Infant Regional Center Services Eligibility Indicator

14.31Special Education Program Setting Code

14.32Preschool Program Setting Service Location Code

14.33Ten or More Weekly Hours in Setting Indicator

14.34General Education Participation Percentage Range Code

14.35Special Education Infant Program Type Code

14.36IEP Includes Postsecondary Goals Indicator

14.37Postsecondary Goals Updated Annually Indicator

14.38Postsecondary Goals Age Appropriate Transition Assessment Indicator

14.39Transition Services in IEP Indicator

14.4Supportive Services Indicator

14.41Transition Services Goals in IEP Indicator

14.42Student IEP Participation Indicator

14.43Agency Representative IEP Participation Indicator

14.44Special Transportation Indicator

14.45Parental Involvement Facilitation Code

14.46Graduation Plan Code

14.47Special Education Program Exit Date

14.48Special Education Program Exit Reason Code

14.49Type of School or program

14.5Ethnicity of the student

14.51Race Identification or background (first)

14.52Race Identification or background (second)

14.53Race Identification or background (third)

14.54English learner

14.55Native language

14.56Migrant Program participation eligibility

14.57Grade level

Student Services File:

Field #Public NameAeries Table/FieldAeries Field Name
15.01Record Type Code

15.02Transaction Type Code

15.03Local Record ID

15.04Reporting LEA

15.05School of Attendance

15.06School of Attendance NPS

15.07Nonpublic Agency Identifier (NPA)

15.08Academic Year ID


15.1Reporting SELPA

15.11District of Special Education Accountability

15.12Student Special Education Evaluation or Amendment Identifier

15.13Special Education Service Code

15.15Special Education Service Provider Code

15.15Special Education Service Location Code

15.16Service Frequency Code

15.17Service Duration

15.18Local Special Education Student ID