Matriculating students need to be coded correctly in Aeries when closing out student enrollment for the school year. A matriculating student is a student who has completed the highest grade level in the school and will be moving on to another school that offers the student's next grade level.

  • Matriculating Students must have the Comp Status (STU.HSG) field populated on Demographics | Student Data 2 with a code of 480 (Promoted/Matriculated) for the highest grade level students at each school.
  • If this code is not available, update the Aeries Code Table to include the 480 (Promoted/Matriculated) code for STU.HSG.
  • Verify in CALPADS Code Translations | Completer Status (STU.HSG) that the 480 (Promoted/Matriculated) code has been added and mapped for CALPADS reporting.
  • Populating the Date Graduated (STU.DG) field is optional.
  • If the STU.HSG field is populated for matriculating students, Aeries will automatically populate the Exit Reason (ATT.RS) with the E230 (Completion) code and use the last active school day as the exit date in an Enrollment Update (SENR File) or ODS Audit/Reconciliation.
  • CALPADS End of Year (EOY2) requires an Enrollment Update (SENR File) to report the enrollment for matriculating students.

The STU.HSG code of 480 can be mass added to the matriculating students by using the following query:

(Replace X with highest grade level in that school.)

Review retained students individually.

Run the Fix ENR Records process after the query changes.

The End Of Year (STU.EOY) field is not required to be populated for matriculating students. If matriculating students are populated with an End of Year (STU.EOY) code of  E230 (Completion)*, a Leave Date (STU.LD) and an STU.HSG code of 480 (Promoted/Matriculated), the data will extract properly. 

*Only use the E230 (Completion) code in the STU.EOY field for matriculating students.