CAASPP is transitioning from a paper to an electronic delivery of the CAASPP student score reports (SSRs) to the local education agencies (LEAs). The electronic delivery system is being piloted for the 2017-18 through early 2018-19 school years with several SIS vendors and a few select LEAs. Aeries has three districts piloting this system. For the 2017-18 school year and into the beginning of the 2018-19 school year the CAASPP Paperless Scores node in Aeries Web will only be available to the three pilot districts.

In the 2018-19 school year CAASPP will begin the Initial Implementation phase (i.e., Phase 2) of the electronic score reports. California Department of Education (CDE) and Educational Testing Service (ETS) will work with all LEAs to implement and test the electronic reporting technology solution. District restrictions in Aeries on the CAASPP Paperless Scores node will be removed and users with permission to the CAASPP Paperless Reporting permission set will see the node. The LEA CAASPP Coordinator for each district will be responsible for establishing Electronic Reporting credentials in TOMS which will provide them with an AWS Access Key and Secret Key. These keys will then need to be entered into Aeries to allow users and parents in Aeries to access to the student score reports in CAASPP.

Updated Information (10/10/2018):  Aeries recently participated in a Vendor Meeting with ETS to discuss the implementation of the CAASPP Electronic Student Score Report. Based on the results of the Phase I implementation and feedback from the pilot districts ETS is working on a few modifications to the process that includes protocol for LEAs to establish Electronic Reporting Credentials in TOMS. Over the next several months SIS vendors will be working with ETS to test this new credential process. ETS is expecting that LEAs will be able to create production credentials sometime on or soon after February 2019.

When the CAASPP Paperless Scores is enabled and set up staff, teachers, parents and students with the correct permission set will be able to view and/or download CAASPP student score reports from CAASPP through Aeries.