• Records in the 504 table (FOF) or Program (PGM.CD = 101) table should only be entered for students who qualify for a 504 Accommodation Plan.  
  • The CALPADS SPRG extract looks at the 504 Plans (FOF) table first for extracting 504 records. If no FOF records exist, then the Programs (PGM) record is used.  The system will evaluate each student as it processes the SPRG extract.

        Note:  It is recommended to populate either the 504 Plans (FOF) table or the Programs (PGM) record school/district              wide for data consistency and not both.

  • The CALPADS SPRG file will extract open records even if the start date was in a prior year.  
  • Students, with open records from a prior year, will be extracted as eligible in the program using the current year enrollment dates.