Session Description

Have you ever wanted to insert your own customized Page or Report  into Aeries? Have you ever wished you could change the name of a page in Aeries? Have you ever wished that changes to Student data would automatically update other tables?

 This session will show you how to do it without having to break open the source code. Learn how to tap into Aeries data with Data Event Triggers to  insert and update events to perform your own automated actions. Learn tricks to customizing the SUP and DSD tables as well as how to create custom pages for custom tables created in the Aeries database. 

Session Content

  • How to create Data Event Triggers that automatically execute as data in certain tables is added or updated
  • How to modify the design of the SUP and DSD tables
  • How to create custom tables and data interface pages in Aeries
  • How to customize Aeries Navigation for pages and reports

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See attached zip file for code examples