Session Description 

With new funding sources and reporting requirements, Career Pathway Management has been completely revamped in Aeries® SIS. This course will show the process for identifying Career Pathway Courses, tagging students as Career Pathway Concentrators and Completers, and the State Reporting implications for Students enrolled in Career Pathways.

Session Content

  • Overview of what are CTE Courses and Pathways
  • Setup and Discussion of Career Pathway course sequences
  • Using the Career Pathways Dashboard to assign students to Pathways and mark them as Concetrators/Completers
  • Managing Career Pathways participation for individual students 
  • Documenting History, Experiences and Outcomes associated with a student’s Pathway participation
  • Discussion of CTE Dual Enrollment Courses pertaining to College/Career Indicators (CCI) and CTE Articulated Courses
  • Creating Career Pathways Extract files and CALPADS reporting considerations and data management

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