Session Description 

Career Technical Education programs in California schools have evolved drastically over recent years. CALPADS State reporting and the implementation of the College and Career Indicator component of the California Dashboard has put an emphasis on Career Pathway completion now more than ever. The workshop will debut the newly enhanced Career Pathway Management page in Aeries. Data management in Aeries on College Credit Courses, CTE articulations, and how to ensure CTE students are reported accurately to CALPADS will be discussed in detail.

Session Content

  • Overview of what are CTE Courses and Pathways
  • Setup and Discussion of Career Pathway course sequences
  • Using the Career Pathways Management page to assign students to Pathways and the various levels of participation
  • Managing Career Pathways participation for individual students
  • Documenting History, Experiences, and Outcomes associated with a student’s Pathway participation
  • Discussion of CTE College Credit Courses pertaining to College/Career Indicators (CCI) and CTE Articulated Courses
  • CALPADS reporting considerations and data management as it pertains to CCI and funding sources

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Session Presentation

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