Session Description

Procedures for high school counselors using pages and reports (transcript, graduation status, college & counseling screens).

Session Content

  • Key fields on the Student Data and Contacts forms
  • Building and maintaining student class schedules
  • Creating Individualized Academic Plans for students and viewing student CCI preparedness
  • Various forms available to document information related to student meetings, conferences or interventions
  • Setting Red Flags on student records and locating data for student with existing Red Flags
  • Accessing student Report Card Grades, Gradebook info, and Grades History
  • How to configure and maintain student transcripts
  • Accessing and printing reports including transcripts and UC/CSU College Admission Eligibility

Related Documentation

Student Demographics

Class Schedule Maintenance

Individualized Academic Plan
CCI Student Summary

Intervention Management

Red Flags in Aeries

Student Profile Page Overview

Transcripts and Course History

College Requirements Form and Entrance Tests

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