Session Description

An overview of the major changes to Aeries since the last conference. This session will highlight key points and give background on each significant new feature. The goal of this session is to inform attendees about new features they might not know about and to encourage them to use these new features.

Session Content

Camden Iliff (Vice President of Product), Lynn Heatherly (Director of Product) and and Kevin Praeger (Senior Business Analyst) will explain the major Aeries features that have been released in the last few months.

Session Outline

Independent Study

  • Independent Study Agreements 
  • Alt-Ed Scheduling - 

General System

  • Aeries Client
  • Dark Mode
  • Analytics
  • File Uploads 
  • Push and Pull Setup Tables
  • Send Emails 
  • School Groups
  • Aeries System Check and Utilization
  • Section Selection Control 


  • Student Attendance 
  • Attendance Dashboard 
  • Attendance Code Colors 

Grade Reporting

  • SBG and GRD 
  • Initialize New Grade Reporting Cycle
  • Standards Based Report Cards 
  • Grading Snapshots
  • Transcript Grade Averaging 
  • Transcripts - Subject Area Override 
  • Transcripts - Enhanced, 1-Column Style 
  • Allow Teachers to Mass Fill GRD Marks 
  • District GPAs 


  • Quick Contacts 
  • Multi-School Gradebooks
  • Recurring Assignments 
  • Grading Completed 
  • Mass Create Gradebooks 
  • Gradebook Scores By Class
  • Gradebook Custom Marks 
  • Gradebook Restore Options 
  • Gradebook Assignments
  • Gradebook Rules 

Student Data

  • Aeries Mobile Portal App
  • Foster Details 
  • Student Wellbeing 
  • Student Academic Plan 
  • Aeries Alerts 
  • Student Search 

Integrations / State Reporting

  • Texas State Reporting 
  • Ed-Fi 3.x 
  • OneRoster 
  • i-Ready
  • Civil Rights Data Collection 
  • CALPADS Extracts
  • CERS Student Groups 
  • College Entrance Requirements / CSU and UC Eligibility Reports 

Flex Scheduling / Staff ID-Based Structures

  • Full Support for Flex Scheduling 

  • Flex Scheduling for Elementary Schools

  • Staff ID-Based Counselors 

  • Assertive Discipline 

  • Scheduling Setup

  • Staff

Related Documentation

  • PDF and PowerPoint documentation for this session is attached to this article.