Session Description

Multi-table queries, the "CHANGE" button and command; advanced applications of Query for secondary school personnel.

Session Content

  • Tips for complex queries
  • Advanced understanding of Aeries Tables Relations
  • Defining Multiple Tables & fields in a query
  • Use of the Database Table Information Report or Web Fields Doc
  • Building complex Query Statements
  • Sorting Data - Ascending or Descending Order
  • Aeries Query Commands vs. Access Query Commands
  • Selecting Records by Criteria “IF”
  • Using Connectives “AND” and “OR”
  • Math Operations within Query
  • Undo Last KEEP/SKIP
  • Change Button versus Change Command
  • Change Button with Multiple Tables
  • Advanced use of the Query Letter Editor
  • Creating & Customizing Advanced Query Labels or Envelopes
  • Troubleshooting of Query Errors

Query Principles and a Review of Basics

Query Tips

  • Identify the fields you wish to include and the tables from which they come.
  • Using a KEEP or SKIP may make the final outcome easier or more accomplishable, but a full use of the IF portion is always best if you wish to save the query as a one-step solution.
  • What is the required table order to make the query run with the desired outcome?
  • Using sorts can make it easier for those that run it later?
  • Do I need to teach someone else how to do this query?  Share the load and make life easier for yourself and more rewarding for others.

The Query Form is Dynamically Helpful in Building Statements

The 5 function areas of a query statement are: 

  • Table(s)
  • Field(s)   (optional)
  • Sort  [BY]   (optional)
  • Conditions  [IF]     (optional)

NOTE:  Not all are required but they are to be in this order if utilized

How do we know what tables to include and the order? 

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