The following list outlines the CALPADS requirements for course completion.

  • As part of the EOY 1 submission, LEAs must submit information on courses that students have completed during the year.  This information is submitted through the Course Section and Student Course Section files.
  • LEAs are only required to submit course completion data for students in departmentalized classroom setting in grades 7-12 attending traditional schools.
  • LEAs may submit course completion data either after the completion of an official grading period in which credits are awarded, or at the end of the year when students have completed all courses for the school year.
  • Grades, credits attempted, and credits earned are only required for grades 9-12.
  • Grades are required, but credits attempted and credits earned are not required, for grades 7-8.
  • CALPADS will reject any records without valid State Course Codes. 

CALPADS only wants to know which courses were completed during the current school year.  This is applicable to high schools, middle schools and junior highs.   At the 7-8 grade levels, the Mark received is required, the Credits populated is not required.  It is important to use the Aeries Grade Reporting process to populate grades and transfer the grading data to Transcripts (HIS).  By using the Aeries Grade Reporting process, the system is able to track the Master Schedule Section Number (MST.SE) and the Staff ID (MST.SID) when a Mark has been issued and meet the CALPADS collection requirements.

The following list identifies the conditions for a record to be included in the SCSC file:

  • Skip schools with a school type of Elementary (LOC.E = 1).
  • Students must have and SSID (STU.CID).
  • Student grade level translated to grades 7-12.
  • Student must have attendance enrollment during the school year.
  • Student Grade Reporting (GRD) data has been copied into Transcripts (HIS).
  • The school information on the transcript record must:
    1. Match the current school (MST.SC = STU.SC) 
    2. If the student has a Reporting Home School (STU.HS) populated, match the CDS of the Reporting Home School.
  • The HIS record must be from the current school year.
  • History Marks (HIS.MK) of "blank" and "X" will be skipped.
  • History Section (HIS.SE) must match to a valid section in the Master Schedule (MST).
  • The Course (MST.CN) must be a valid course in the Course (CRS) file.   
  • Course records with number 6012 (Non-CBEDS Course) will be skipped.
  • History Terms (HIS.TE) must be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 8.