Here are some questions people commonly ask about Aeries Mobile Portal. Is there a question that should be here but isn't? Let us know!

What does this app do?

Aeries Mobile Portal provides a consise and mobile-friendly way to access information from the Aeries Web portals for parents and students. In a world where a significant number of families do not have access to home computers but do have access to mobile devices, it's more critical than ever to offer a mobile-optimized way to access important student progress data.

It has a number of features you can read more about below:

Is this a replacement for the Aeries Web portals?

No, Aeries Mobile Portal provides a more streamlined channel to access certain data points from the Aeries Web portal. There are many areas of the Web Portal not covered by Aeries Mobile portal's feature set.

Is this app free?

Yes. This release of the app is simply intended to supplement typical access to student information that you'd get via the Aeries Web portals. It is not a premium service.

Will there be premium features in the future?

As we move towards our goals for Aeries Mobile Portal and other mobile app projects in the future, there may be premium features and in-app services that districts can opt-in to enable for their parents and students at an additional cost. With that said, however, of course there will be updates and new features coming to Mobile Portal for free.

I'm using a 3rd-party app to view Aeries information - what about me?

If you've downloaded a native mobile application from Google Play or the Apple App Store that was advertised as being able to view parent / student information within Aeries, the reality is that those apps were developed using private, undocumented APIs without permission by 3rd-party developers who aren't on the Aeries team.

Even overlooking the consideration of security, or ensuring these apps meet Aeries quality standards, we can't guarantee that the private APIs these apps are built on will remain online and functional as our ecosystem evolves. We strongly recommend only using official Aeries native apps to access Aeries data.

Will there be a teacher-oriented Aeries app?

Mobile Portal is oriented towards parents and students, so you won't find features for inputting grades, taking attendance, or other teacher-focused tasks. Mobile Portal is just the first in an ambitious plan to create streamlined, easy-to-use mobile apps for all stakeholders and user roles, however, so stay tuned for more announcements in near future!