The following information will provide specific details about each of the options available for creating the CBEDS SIF/CDIF files.

  • Information Day – should be populated as October 4, 2017.
  • Path to Data File(s) - path where the files will be stored.
  • STU.GR – will determine how your district populates certain grade levels.  Enter 99 if this does not apply.
  • Use CSE Grade - will utilize student’s grade level from the CSE table instead of the attendance enrollment grade level.
  • STU.SP Values - identifies which Attendance Program (STU.SP) codes count as a “Secondary Enrollment” for students with duplicate enrollment in multiple schools.
  • STU.TG Values to Skip - identifies Inactive Status (STU.TG) codes to be skipped.
  • Extract School? - identifies the schools to be extracted into the file.