The Grade Report Exception Listing is similar to the mark listing, except it only prints for students meeting the exception conditions selected. All grade codes defined in the COD table will display on the option form.

Enter the number of grade marks a student will have in order to be included on the report. For example, if "1" is entered in the "A" mark all students with one or more "A" marks for the marking period selected will print. If more than one selection is entered students who have either mark will print. In the above example any student with either a "D" grade, "F" grade, "U" Citizenship or  "U" Work Habits mark in marking period M2 will display on the report

To print only the courses in which the students have the specified marks click on Print Only Exception Marks on the form. If multiple mark grade reporting is being utilized select the current mark in the list labeled Using This Mark. An option to print the report for that mark only is also available. Click on Print to generate the report.

The following is an example of the Exception Report for students with 1 or more D’s or F's for mark M2.

The Ineligibility Listing is a tool used to determine the students who have not met a certain criteria and are now ineligible for certain activities, such as football, etc. One or more sets of criteria can be entered for students to display on the report.

For example, a "1" can be entered next to the "F" mark. Another criteria can be selected, such as a GPA less than a certain value, such as 2.00. The report will list the students who meet BOTH conditions.

Click on Run Report to generate the report. The following is an example of the Ineligibility Listing.