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The Print Print Smart Balanced Cards (SBAC) – CAASPP report is available from View All Reports in both the District and School Aeries. The report will print out a card for every student. The cards include the students’ first name and their state student id. An option has been added to also print the Student’s Last Name on the cards.

NOTE: The report will print out 10 cards per page, each card is 3.5” wide x 2” high.

There are a variety of sort options and several additional identification options available to print on the cards.

Print Smarter Balanced Cards (SBAC) - CAASPP - Options

NOTE:  When the Smarter Balanced Cards are printed at the District level, the cards will be sorted by school first, and then by the selected sort option. KEEP or SKIP statements can be run to limit the students reported on the cards.

  • ID to Print – since students may not know their state student id, the student’s permanent ID, student number or birthdate can also be printed on the cards. This will help when a test session has several students with the same first name.

  • Print Last Name? – select this option if you would like to print the student’s last name (in smaller print) below their first name. This field was added to aid in card distribution.

  • Print Legal Name Disclaimer? - select this option to add a reminder on the SBAC card for the students to log into CAASPP using their legal name.

  • Only Students with Legal Name? - select this option to only print the legal name reminder on cards for students with a value in the Legal Name fields.

  • Sort by … First Name – cards are sorted by first name. If several students have the same first name, then the secondary sort is last name.

  • Sort by … Last Name, First – cards are sorted by last name, then first name

  • Sort by  … Grade – cards are sorted by grade, then last name and then first name

  • Sort by … Counselor/Teacher (CU) – cards are sorted by teacher number (from STU.CU), and then student last name, and student first name. One or more teachers can be selected by clicking on the names in the dropdown. (Press and hold the CTRL key or the Shift key while clicking on the counselor/teacher names to select more than one.)

  • Sort by … Period – only available at the School level, cards are sorted by teacher name, student last name, and student first name for all students that have the selected period. Teachers with two or more sections in the same period will find their students sorted by name rather than section.

  • Sort by … Section(s) – only available at the School level, the Section(s) option has an additional Filter which will allow users to limit the cards to students that are enrolled in classes with certain teacher(s), section(s), period(s), course(s), subject area(s), department(s) or period(s). Cards are sorted by teacher name, period, section, student last name, and student first name.

Print Smarter Balanced Cards (SBAC) - CAASPP - Options in a secondary school

  • SBAC Test Date - enter the date of the SBAC test in the SBAC Test Date field. This date will be used to limit the students that are included in the cards when printing by Period.

  • Include Inactives – select this option to include inactive students on the cards.

NOTE:  In Aeries several subject areas or departments can be selected. Also, the sections can be selected individually within those options to further limit the cards that will be printed.

Selecting Print Cards will produce a report of the Print Smarter Balanced Cards with ten cards per page. Each card is 3.5” wide by 2” high.

Print Smarter Balanced Cards (SBAC) - CAASPP - Sort by Last Name example

The header of the report will list the school number, the sort option that was selected, and if appropriate the teacher name.

Print Smarter Balanced Cards (SBAC) - CAASPP - Sort by Section example