Test Settings

The Test Settings form will allow schools to enter the embedded and non-embedded test settings (designated supports and accommodations) for the students that need modifications to the Smarter Balanced (Online ELA and Math) Assessments or that need to take a paper pencil version of the assessments (Braille, Large Print or Spanish for SBAC Math). Once entered, these test settings can be exported to a file that can be imported using TOMS (Test Operations Management System) on the CAASPP site.

The Test Settings screen can be found under the Student Data | Test Scores node on the navigation tree. Only users with permissions to the Test Settings screen will see the node on the navigation tree. The Active Test Settings screen can also be found as a tab in the Special Education screens.

Test Settings records can be added in both the school level and district level. When adding records in the Test Settings List (all) screen, enter the Start Date of the student’s test setting. If the test modification has an end date, enter that value. The codes are hard-coded and can either be typed into the Code field or selected from the drop-down. When adding records using the Active Test Settings screen the system will maintain the Start Date and End Date based on the day the record is added/updated.

CAASPP Student Accommodations (Test Settings)


The CAASPP Student Accommodations (Test Settings) option in the CAASPP Extract Files screen allows the user to extract data from the Test Settings (STS) table which can then be copied into the CA_Upload_Stu_Accom_Template_2016-2017_v11.xlsx provided by CAASPP. Once the template file has been populated with the Test Settings data it can be uploaded into TOMS to update the students’ test settings/ accommodations/ modifications for the Smarter Balanced Online Summative Assessments.

On the CAASPP Export Files screen enter a date in the Include active settings with a start date on or before this date field. The date is used to determine which Test Settings records will be included in the extract. To be included in the extract the Test Settings Start Date (STS.SD) must be less than or equal to the entered date and the Test Settings End Date (STS.ED) must either be greater than the entered date or must be Null. If you wish to limit the extracted records to certain students click on the Aeries QUERY button and run a query to limit to the desired students. Checkboxes to Include Inactive Students and to Limit to Special Ed are also available to further limit the students in the extract file.

CAASPP Paper-Pencil Test Assignment File

The CAASPP Paper-Pencil Test Assignment option in the CAASPP Export Files screen allows districts to create a file which assigns students to the proper alternate asssessments or special (paper) versions. The data is saved into an Excel spreadsheet provided by CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress).  Once populated, this spreadsheet can be imported using TOMS (Test Operations Management System) on the CAASPP site.

The CAASPP Paper-Pencil Test Assignment extract allows records to be limited by a selected date, Special Ed (CSE) students only, or students limited by a Keep/Skip query. Inactive students can also be included.

For the 2017-18 Test Administration the default student test assignments in TOMS are:

  • Grades 3 – 8  and 11 – Online Smarter Balanced summative assessments in ELA and Math
  • Grades 5, 8, and high school – Online CA Science Test (CAST)

LEA’s will need to indicate which students need to take the California Alternative Assessment (CAA) for ELA, Math and Science, the STS and other Special Versions. They can do this by importing the CAASPP Paper-Pencil Test Assignment file into TOMS or by updating one student at a time in the TOMS system.

The Student Test Assignments that students may be given are:

  • California Alternative Assessment (CAA) for ELA and Math – gr 3-8, and 11 (TOMS will verify that these students will have an IDEA indicator in CALPADS and a valid primary disability code, or students will have a 504 Plan education program code in CALPADS when the file is imported)
  • STS for RLA or CSA (California Spanish Assessment) – grades 2-11 - the CSA is a new assessment being piloted in Fall 2017.
  • Special Versions of:
    • Braille – grades 2-11 for STS, Smarter Balanced ELA and Math
    • Large Print – grades 2-11 for STS, Smarter Balanced ELA and Math
    • Spanish version of Smarter Balanced Math – grades 2-11

NOTE:  Only certain LEA’s are approved by CDE to use Braille and Large Print versions of Smarter Balanced tests. Please contact CAASPP for questions on this.

NOTE: The Aeries extract does not populate data in Column B (Test Admin) column. Also, the Science CAST students are not part of the Aeries extract since these students are assigned the CAST Science test in TOMS by default.

The extract uses the following guidelines when creating the extract:

  • Column C (Alternate – CAA for ELA, Math or Science) -  includes students in grades 3-8, 10-12 where the student has an active Special Ed (CSE) record with a disability code and where CSE.PA2 = 30, CSE.PA3 = 30 or CSE.PA4 = 30
  • Column D (CSA Pilot) – includes students in grades 2–11  where STU.LF = limited English (as defined by the CALPADS Code Value Translations table), STU.HL = 01 (Spanish), and LAC.USS is less than one year from the selected date
  • Column E 
    •  (Braille) – includes students in grades 2-11 with a PPT.B record in Test Settings (STS) that is active as of the selected date
    •  (Large Print) – includes students in grades 2-11 with a PPT.LP record in Test Settings (STS) that is active as of the selected date
    •  (Spanish for SBAC Math) – includes students in grades 2-11 with a PPT.SM record in Test Settings (STS) that is active as of the selected date


NOTE: The Aeries extract does not populate data in Column B (Test Admin) column.  

Print Smarter Balanced Cards

The Print Print Smart Balanced Cards (SBAC) – CAASPP report is available from View All Reports in both the District and School Aeries Web versions. The report will print out a card for every student. The cards include the students’ first name and their state student id. An option has been added to also print the Student’s Last Name on the cards.

NOTE: The report will print out 10 cards per page, each card is 3.5” wide x 2” high.


For more detailed information regarding the Test Settings screen, CAASPP Extract Files or printing the Smarter Balanced Cards, please refer to the articles in this folder: Test Settings and CAASPP Export Files