The Suspendable Offense Code form is used to enter all student infractions listed in the Ed Code, the school/district handbook(s), Board Policy, etc. Please reference the Assertive Discipline document on the website for more information.

The Severity Level in Aeries is not actually reported to CALPADS. However, it is necessary in order to identify and report to CALPADS the "Most Sever Offense Code" for a specific incident involving multiple students where the Offense Codes for each student are different.  Refer to the CALPADS Data Guide for a suggested hierarchy for severe offenses.

CALPADS System Documentation

Aeries Field Name
Aeries Table.Field





Dropdown displays codes from ADS.CD
Student Offense
Codes are from the ADS.CD field.
Severity Level
Incident Most Severe Offense Code
Each SOC record needs to have the Severity Level populated. Higher numbers represent greater
severity. When there are multiple students involved in a discipline incident and the student have different violation codes, CALPADS wants to know which among all the students and their violations was the most severe. We will be using SOC.SL to make that determination