As students are added to a gradebook, they are given a Sort number.

When they are in alphabetical order, they are not necessarily in numeric order.

Clicking the “Sort” column heading will place them in order of that column.  This places the students entering later in the year at the bottom.

Clicking the Student column heading will place them in alphabetical order again.

Perhaps the teacher would like to number the students for a classroom purpose.  The example here will be for the students working in groups.

Click in the Sort box and set each student to the preferred sort number.

Please remember to save when the work is complete.

The students will then have group numbers.

This sort may be used in the Scores by Class page by selecting the "Sorting by" option - by default this is set by Student name and the sort order is hidden.

Select the Custom Student Sort, then click the Sort button to sort by your custom sort order and show the accompanying sort numbers.  

This option will be saved for this gradebook until it is changed again.

In the Scores by Assignment page, this sort may also be used.  Click the chevron below the assignment information.

Select the option to Sort Students by Custom Sort Field Instead of Name.

The students will show in the Custom Sort order.  This option will be remembered on this page for this gradebook.