Civil Rights Data Collection Report 

NOTE: The CRDC (Civil Rights Data Collection Resource Center) has opened to provide districts support for the 2017-18 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC). They have many resources available for helping to complete the CRDC. We are adding the 2017-18 Civil Rights Collection page and extract to Aeries Web. It is currently in a BETA state, but the set up options are available and we highly suggest beginning to fill in all of the options. The CRDC submission window for the West Coast LEAs is scheduled for February 8, 2019 and will remain open for 75 days.

The Civil Rights Data Collection page and extract will assist you with collecting data for the U.S. Department of Education Civil Rights Data Collection Report and is available in Aeries Web for the 2017-18 Civil Rights Data Collection.  This report provides information about the enrollment of, and the educational services provided to, students in public schools by race/ethnicity, sex, and disability.  Please note some of the information on this report cannot be calculated by Aeries and must be filled in by hand at each school site.

The data required for this report is stored in last year’s (2017-18) database. Since some schools store their data in different tables or fields these forms allow you to select where your school stores this data.  Default buttons are also available on some of the forms that select where this data is normally stored within the Aeries database and will update the form. 

Please see the Civil Rights documentation for more information on how to set up and process the Civil Rights Data Collection.

Student National Origin Report (SNOR) 

The SNOR report is used by California Department of Education to collect the results of the annual count of eligible immigrant students.  The immigrant enrollment data in the SNOR Report only includes immigrant students who have enrolled in a U.S. school within the last three school years. Immigrant students who have been enrolled for longer than three years are not included in this data.

NOTE: The SNOR information is now gathered by CALPADS. This report can be used as an alternate method to double check counts.

The SNOR Report can be located thru View All Reports. Select the Print SNOR Report and the following selection box will display. The date displayed will be 3 years prior to today’s date. Enter the date from the paperwork provided by the state.

The data for the SNOR Report is determined by the data in the STU.BCU and LAC.USS fields. The program first determines if the student has a valid CSIS country code in the Country (STU.BCU) field other than the US country code.

The date entered in the SNOR Report Options is then compared to the US School Entry Date (LAC.USS) field to determine if the date is within the last three years.  If so, the student is included in the report.  The options available for this report are summarized totals of students for each country code or can contain student details and the total of students for each country code.  The option is also available to include U.S. Trust Territories for verification purposes and inactive students for both of these reports. 

The example below of the SNOR Report is generated at a school.  If generated at the district it will separate out each school and will print the school number and name at the top. The report will print totals that will be broken out into Columns which is how the data is entered in the CDE online system or hand written on to the CDE SNOR Report.  The following report contains the student details. The report headings include the Aeries Code, Country Code, Country Name and Total.

Student Counts by Home Language and Grade

The Student Counts by Home Language and Grade is accessible from View All Reports.  The information on this report is based on the Lang/Flu (LF) information entered on the Student Data form.  This report gives a count of all of the students with different home language (HL) codes, as well as breaking the home languages down by the LEP-FEP code entered on the student form.

Language Census Report (R30)

The Language Census Report is reported through Fall 2 for each section. It is now populated and reported from Aeries to CALPADS through the master Schedule screen or the Elementary Teachers screen.

For more information on Fall 2 Reporting please see these articles:  CALPADS Fall 2 Reporting.