The College Entrance Requirements page summarizes UC and CSU eligibility for each student.  The College Entrance Requirements page can be accessed from Student Data, Test Scores on the navigation tree.  When a student meets either UC or CSU requirements a green bar will display indicating what has been completed. 

When students are enrolled in classes in multiple schools the College Entrance Requirements page and reports will include all of the credits from the classes in the Current column and list all of the classes as work in progress in the body of the reports.

To print the Student College Entrance Requirements report with the UC and CSU eligibility status for the student displayed, click the mouse on the Print button.  To print for all students the report can be selected from View all Reports which will also allow a query condition for example for grade 12.

The Print CSU Eligibility Report and the Print UC Eligibility Report buttons are also available in the left corner of this page and can be generated by clicking the mouse on the Print Report button. 

Both reports provide the option to print information for specific student(s) or all students.  These reports will then print the student’s courses, grades, CSU or UC GPA, test scores, etc., and qualification status.  A student can then use these printouts to assist him or her with filling out the CSU and UC applications.  The following is an example of the UC Eligibility Report.

The following is an example of the CSU Eligibility Report.   

Work in Progress courses that are being taken at a different school in the district are signified with a (C) to the right of the course name. In the below example, the student is enrolled in both Aeries Continuation School and in Eagle Alternative Education School. The English 11 CP, Biology, and French II CP courses are flagged with a (C) to identify that they are from Eagle Alternative Education School's class schedule.