From the Transcripts page the Graduation Status/Requirements page can be displayed by selecting the Status button. This page will display the credits required and credits completed for all subject areas setup in the Update Requirements Table

The following is an example of the Graduation Requirements page. To display the course titles that have been met and not completed click the mouse on the Show Credit Details on Screen option. 

To print the Graduation Requirements, click the mouse on the Print button. 


Graduation requirements are updated through the Update Graduation Requirements page.  If graduation requirements are modified by action of the School Board, the grad status for students in each class can be followed separately. 

Different Grad Tracks can be setup so that the Class Rank and Size can be calculated differently for students in the same grade based on their Grad Tracks

Different Grad Tracks can also be ranked together but must be defined in the COD table.  To define the Grad Tracks to be ranked together a value must be added in the Amount field.  For example below, Code A and C contain a 1.00 in the Amount field.  Any student assigned with a graduation track of A or C will be ranked together.

Graduation tracks can also be defined to be excluded from any class rank/size computation by adding a value of 99.00 in the Amount field.  For example, any student assigned with the graduation track of F will not be included in the calculation of a class rank.

After Grad Tracks have been setup students can be assigned different graduation tracks from the Graduation Requirements (REQ) page.  To assign a student to a particular Grad Track click the mouse on the Grad Track field drop down.  All Grad Track codes setup from the Update Requirements Table page will display.  Click the mouse on the Grad Track selected and the code will display in the field. 

Note:  Please refer to the next article for information on Career Pathways Graduation Requirements


The Graduation Status Report by Student page allows you to generate a graduation status report for specific students or select students. 

After the students to be printed are selected either for a single student or students from a particular grade the report can be generated by clicking the mouse on the Run Report button.