The Transcripts page displays all students previous year’s grade history, student ranking and calculated GPA’s. The COMMENTS field allows information to be stored but only the first five lines will print on the transcript.  The Repeat Tag field (RT) to the right of Course Title is for REPEATED COURSES.  The CP is to flag courses for college prep and N/H is for Non-Academic courses.

The Print Students with Repeated Courses report prints students with repeated courses over maximum credit, which is based on credit assigned to courses in the Course table.  After term grades are posted on the transcript, running this report will help locate students who have repeated a course.

To “waive” a requirement for a student, such as, the student is excused from Health instruction per Ed Code Section 51240, add the course to the transcript.  In the Mark field enter “X” and indicate the appropriate number of credits being waived in the Atmp field. Remember that “X” must be setup as a valid mark in order to work properly. In the Comp field enter 0.00 credits.  The resulting Grad Status report will accurately reflect the reduced credits required in that subject for that student. Clicking the mouse on the Print button will display a student’s transcript on the screen. 


When students transfer into your school from another high school, it is suggested that their transfer courses display exactly as printed on their transfer transcript.  A student’s permanent record and Transcript sent to colleges will then accurately reflect distinct coursework taken at each school.

The following procedures allow you to note the school where courses were taken, the course titles, complete with appropriate coding for “College Prep,” “Non Academic,” “Honors,” “AP,” etc.  The Course (CRS) table is the key to creating transcripts for transfer students.



The data entered for each course on the Courses page is stored in the CRS table.  The accuracy of this data is critical. Tracking students’ credits, GPA, grad status, UC/CSU eligibility, core/proficiency completion, and CSF eligibility depends on this data.  The Grade Range fields also affect scheduling.  The integrity of information on transcripts, CALPADS submissions, CBEDS reports, etc., also depends on this data.


In addition to your school’s or district’s courses, transfer courses can be setup for each grad requirement subject areas (e.g. “Transfer English 1,” or “Transfer Biology”) and MUST be coded appropriately in the Course table.  When students transfer to your school from another high school, these transfer courses can be added to a student’s transcript, using your own set of “transfer” course numbers and still represent original course titles, college-prep status, etc. 


One way of designating the school name on a transcript is to setup at least two course numbers per school name.  Make sure these numbers are numerically lower or higher than course numbers that will be used for entering course data (e.g. 0001, 5000, TR5000).

School name can be entered on a transcript by first entering the name of the school in the Course History Institutions form from View all Forms.  Once schools are setup the code can be entered on the transcript form and the school name will print on the transcript. Once you have entered “transfer” courses in your course file, creating transcripts for transfer students is easy.   On the transcript form:

  • Click the mouse on the SCHL heading and select the school code where the student did the coursework.  Enter year and term, and then proceed to enter courses.
  • For each course on the student’s original transcript, determine whether or not that course meets your own district’s graduation requirements, earns “elective” credit, whether the course is college prep and whether the course is an honors or advanced placement course.  Then enter the appropriate transfer course code.  Tab to the Special Course Title field and type the correct course name.  Enter the grade and credit earned.

By choosing the course codes that correspond to your own graduation requirements, electives, etc., Aeries will be able to give you a correct assessment of the student’s graduation status.  Also, college prep courses and honors/AP courses will have the correct designations on the printed transcript.


The Off Grade Courses page will update the OGC table. This table stores a course taken by a student outside the normal course grade range allowing the course could be in a student's Course History and may or may not be counted as a regular course for different purposes.

With the Off Grade Courses page you can specify whether or not a course taken in a Middle School should be counted for UC/CSU eligibility, count towards Graduation Requirements, show on Transcripts, or count in GPA.  The option is also available to select a new credit value and override the course credit value.


To print more than one transcript go to View All Reports and select Print Student Transcript. Prior to printing transcripts, it is suggested you verify that the Transcript Definitions are setup correctly. A default transcript is setup for standard transcript information.  Different transcripts can be created from the Transcript Definitions page which will display in the drop down list.

The Print Parent Address option will default and print the parent’s address on the transcript. To address transcripts to colleges, click the mouse on the Print College Address button. Choose to print transcripts for many students to a single specified college, or one student to many different colleges.  

Note:  College names and addresses MUST be added to the Colleges page before transcripts 

           can be addressed to specific colleges or universities.  


The Transcript Definitions page allows schools or district to determine what information should print on a student’s transcript.  The Transcript Definitions page can be accessed from Grade Reporting, Configurations on the navigation tree.  The school or district can also create as many variations of the transcript as desired containing different information.  For example, some colleges require immunization records to be listed on a student’s transcript. 

The Transcript Definitions page contains a Default transcript, which contains the setup created for your original transcript.  When this page displays, the Default record will automatically display with all options setup. 

There are 5-tabs available on the Transcript Definition page. 

General – displays the overall formatting options available for the transcript  

GPA Options – allows you to select which GPA’s will print on the transcript along with student ranking

Terms – allows you to select the Term Headings that will print

 Optional Area – allows you to select which information will be printed at the bottom portion of the transcript

TTP Things to Print – allows you to setup the tests, activities/awards and immunizations information that can be selected to print

  • Print ID or Social Security – option to print the Social Security number instead of ID
  • Work In Progress – displays all classes a student is currently enrolled in for this semester
  • Show Spring Classes in Fall Semester – if work in progress is selected, Spring classes will display in the Fall semester, if classes are pre-scheduled for Spring
  • Hide Shading on Laser Report – will remove all shading from the report
  • Extra Space on Cred/GPA –  adds an extra space after the Credit Attempted and GPA
  • Name of School Courses Taken – will print a separate line with the school name where the student took the course
  • Combine Year/Term and School, Include City & State – will print year, term and school name on one line and can include the City and State of the school
  • Print +’s and –‘s - will print any + or – for the grade the student received, such as, A+
  • Print “Class of” or “Graduated” label – will either print “Class of” and the year the student will graduate, “Graduated” or if STU.HSG has been flagged with a code the description will print
  • Hide Student Enter/Leave Dates – will not print the Enter or Leave date on transcript
  • Low Grade/High Grade – Low and High grade levels to print for the selected definition
  • Print State Student ID Number – will print the State ID number at bottom of transcript
  • Hide Parent Telephone – will not print the Parent’s telephone number
  • Print Birthplace instead of Counselor – will print a birthplace instead of counselor name IF birthplace was entered in the Birth City field
  • Print Parent Address to Colleges – if a college transcript is printed the school address will be replaced with the parent address in the top right hand corner 
  •  Hide Repeat tags – will not print tags to the left of the course and will not print on border below course information 
  • Hide College Prep Tags – will not print tags to the left of the course and will not print on border below course information 
  • Hide Honors Tags – will not print tags to the left of the course and will not print on border below course information
  • Hide Non-Academic Tags – will not print tags to the left of the course and will not print on border below course information
  • Print Middle Name instead of initial – will print as much of middle name possible  
  • Expand Student Name by Hiding – will expand area to print name by not printing student number, Counselor or both.
  • Signature Line Text box – can enter your own signature line to be printed at the bottom of the transcript (“The transcript is unofficial…..”)
  • Reset Default Signature Line Text – will reset the signature line text back to the default


The GPA Options tab allows you to select which class rankings and GPA’s will be printed on the bottom left hand corner of the transcript. 

Display Class Rank and Class Size

Print 10-12 Class Rank

Calculate Class Ranks (HIS & GRD)

Weighted GPA

Un-weighted GPA

Academic GPA

Total (Non-Academic) GPA

Cal State (Grade 10-12) GPA

Print Which Term GPA

Print Term GPA’s to 4 Decimal Places

Print Overall GPA’s to 4 Decimal Places

Apply Options to Transcript form

Hide Credits on Transcript Form

Hide Credits on Transcript Reports

Ranking Type – allows you to select Normal or Decile

  • Semester/Term Headings – allows you to enter text for the semester name to be printed on the Year/Term line above the courses taken (for example Fall).  Terms need to be populated for CALPADS EOY reporting.


The Optional Areas tab pertains to the bottom portion of the Transcript. We have added the ability to print any 2 of the following 3 options which include Print Student Photo, Print/Define TTP or the Graduation Status.  The “Things To Print” can be expanded up to 52 items including tests, activities and Immunizations if only the Print/Define TTP is selected. Print Student Photo and Print Graduation Status MUST be de-selected.

  • Print Student Photo – will print the student photograph at the bottom of the transcript in the middle section. 
  • Print/Define TTP – can print items setup on the TTP – Things to Print tab and can expand up to 52 items and Immunizations can be printed if only Print/Define TTP is selected



  • H.S. Graduation Status – will print the student’s current graduation status
  • Include Algebra 1 Requirement – will print the requirement status
  • Competency Tests – will print the competency tests in the middle section


The TTP – Things to Print tab is utilized to select and define the different data to be printed on the transcript.  This includes test scores (TST), college test scores (CTS), activities/awards (ACT), competency tests, Immunization data (IMM), Student Data (STU) and Supplemental Data (SUP).