The Student Class Schedule page displays all classes that a student is currently enrolled in.  This page is also used to make schedule changes for an enrolled student, or to add classes for a student enrolling after the start of the school year.  

The word HERE displays under the Today column indicating which period is currently in session.  This is determined by the time of day on the computer, and the bell schedule as entered in the School Options page.  The Attendance column will also display if a student is Absent.

To display the Master Schedule section information, in Edit mode click on the View MST button.  

A window will display, with the entire master schedule including section numbers, periods, courses, teachers, rooms, total students, etc. The top of the page has filters that can be used to filter for courses. To add a section to a student’s schedule, click on the + symbol to the left of the section number.

To prevent courses from being rescheduled specific courses can be locked or unlocked by clicking on the Lock icon next to each class.  The PermLk field will also allow you to flag a particular course to be permanently locked and should not be changed. 

Clicking on the Course Requests button will allow selection of a course request packet to be added to a student.