This solution is created with the expectation that Code Tables, the Calendar and Terms are already set in your database.

A student may have previously attended your school.  Because of this, the student Search should be used.  Enter a portion of the last name of the student.

Most often a returning student is inactive. Click the Include Inactive Students option when searching for students.

This list will display the student’s Last Name, First Name, Perm ID, Status and Birthdate.  Some of these fields can be used to verify that the enrolling student is the same as the student in the list. 

If the student is listed, select the student.

If the student is not located on the Lookup Form, click here for the next place to find a re-enrolling student.

Once the student is selected, the student on the screen will show an Inactive Status (STU.TG).

Click the Change button at the bottom of the page.

Update the Status (STU.TG) to Active (this is the “blank” code).

Update the student's record with any changes, then click the Update button.

An Attendance Error will appear in red.  This indicates that the student needs to be enrolled in Attendance.

Before the Update a student in Attendance it is important that you have the Grade and Program (Prog) appropriately set (also important, but less commonly used; Attendance Programs 1 and 2 (AttPrg1 AttPrg2), Inter-District Transfer (IntDst) and Inter-District Transfer District (TransDist))

Select the Update Attendance button at the bottom of the page.

Select the student Effective Date from the drop down and click OK.  This should be the students’ first day of school.

The student will now need to be added to Classes.

From the Navigation Bar select Student Data | Scheduling | Classes or filter on classes.

Set the Course Attendance Effective Date.  This should be the students’ first day of school.

Use the Add New Record or the Add Many New Records to add sections to the student.  Or you may use the View MST to find and add sections to the student.

Add sections as necessary to provide the student with a complete class schedule.

Once the student has been added to sections, you might want to view the Course Attendance data.  Notice on the student below, the Stop Date of the Fall class and the Start date of the Spring class is already populated.

You have completed your Enrollment.of a re-activated student.