The No Show form should only be used for students who are new to the school and were NOT enrolled in the previous school year.   Please see:  No Show Guidelines Chart

At the beginning of the school year, some students who are expected to return, do not.  For CalPADS purposes, the student records need to stay in the school data without Attendance, Course Attendance (Elem w/MST and Secondary only) and Enrollment History for the current year.  For this purpose there is an option to setup one of your Status Codes with some automated settings.

School Info | Configurations | No Show Setup

Secondary and Elem w/MST


The Tag on the right side of the Page comes from the STU.TG in the COD data.  In this example the N is used.

Select the options on the left that should automatically be removed or request information from the user when a student is tagged as a No Show.

The Default Leave Date should be set to a date on or after July 1st, but before the first day of school.

Understand that the Note is informing that all Attendance and Course Attendance (where initialized) will be removed for this student.

After the setup is complete, Students can now be tagged with a No Show Status that will prompt the options:

Note the blue areas with yellow text warnings

Also, notice that the items selected in the setup auto populate in the form.  

Fill in the rest of the data as necessary and select OK. Then use the Update for the Student record.

This will add the leave date to the student as well as populate the Summer Withdrawal information on Student Data 2

For further information on No Show Guidelines, please click here.