This solution is created with the expectation that Code Tables, the Calendar and Terms are already set in your database.

School Options must be correctly set

  • You need to know which period you are using to take Attendance (Att Pd).  This period must be the same period for all grade levels in your school and the same for every day of the school year.
  • School Type = Elem w/MST
  • Att Type = Daily

Once the above is correct, you can use the Copy Scheduling Results to SEC/MST

Got to the Scheduling Dashboard and Use E-1 (Finalize | Copy Scheduling Results to SEC/MST)

This page will appear where you can select the option for Click here to continue.

Then there will be an option to Update Student Teacher (STU.CU) Based on Attendance Period:  This will be the period from the School Options above

If you are not utilizing the Scheduling Tables, please reference the CHANGE Queries starting on page 8 of the Elementary with Master Schedule Documentation to correctly populate STU.CU prior to starting Attendance.

Once you are sure that your settings for your school and students are correct, you are ready to start Attendance at your school.  Please see the Freshdesk solutions for Initializing ATT/CAR.