This solution is created with the expectation that Code Tables, the Calendar and Terms are already have been created.

School Options

School Options must be populuated correctly:

  • A period must be designated for taking Attendance (Att Pd).  This period must be the same period for all grade levels and the same for every day of the school year.
  • School Type = Elem w/MST
  • Att Type = Daily

Copy Scheduling Results to SEC/MST

Once School Options are complete and verified, use the Copy Scheduling Results to SEC/MST.

Navigate to the Scheduling Dashboard and select E-1 (Finalize | Copy Scheduling Results to SEC/MST)

The following page will display. Click Click here to continue checkbox.

Then. an option to Update Student Teacher (STU.CU) Based on Attendance Period:  This will reflect the period inputted on the School Options page.

If Scheduling Tables are not being utilized, the Student Demographics Teacher (STU.CU) must match the Class Schedule Teacher for the designated Attendance Period.  The following query can be used to verify that the Class Schedule Teacher and Student Demographics Teacher match for students:

LIST STU SEC MST STU.ID STU.LN STU.FN STU.GR STU.CU MST.TN IF MST.PD = # AND MST.TN #STU.CUNOTE: MST.PD = # - enter the correct period as populated on the School Options ATT PD field.

To verify the Attendance Enrollment Teacher matches the Student Demographic Teacher run the following Query:


If there are discrepancies, queries can be run to make the corrections. It is very important to notethat these queries should only be run prior to Initializing ATT and CAR records.

To change the Student Demographic Teacher to match the Class Schedule Teacher for AttendancePeriod 0:CHANGE STU SEC MST STU.CU TO MST.TN IF MST.PD = #NOTE: MST.PD = # - enter the correct period as populated on the School Options ATT PD field.

To change the Attendance Enrollment Teacher to match the Student Demographics Teacher: CHANGE STU ATT ATT.TN TO STU.CU IF ATT.CD > " "

NOTE: Caution should be used when running Query CHANGE commands.

Once you are sure that your settings for your school and students are correct, you are ready to start Attendance at your school.  Please see the Freshdesk solutions for Initializing ATT/CAR.