There is no longer a need to delete the COD value, but instead use the process below.

When an entry into the COD table is needing to be deprecated, there is an option to inactivate that COD value.  This allows the code value and its description to still show for students who are using that code value from the past while not allowing it to be used in the future.

The Tag column is not available from Aeries Client, nor does Aeries Client ignore an Inactive COD value.

In Web choose School Info | Configurations | Update Code Table

First we need to add the “Inactive” code that you will use for deprecation

  1. Choose the Table – COD
  2. Choose the Field – TG
  3. Add New Record
  4. Input the data you would like to have as an “Inactivation Code” – This example uses “I” for Inactive

Now any COD value may be set to Inactivated

For more information on Inactivating Codes, please refer to the following link:

Code Table Management - Inactivating Codes