Alternative Education Scheduling enhancements have been made to Aeries to assist with scheduling for Alternative Education environments.  Alternative Education environments can consist of teachers teaching multiple core academic subjects in self-contained secondary-level classes.  Some examples are Independent Study, Home Hospital and Court Schools.

Applying the update with the Alternative Education Scheduling changes, a new Course ID field will be added to the Classes (SEC) table.  The new Student-Class Course ID (SEC.CN) field will be populated for all existing Classes (SEC) records.  Changes made to the Student-Class Course ID (SEC.CN) field will update to the Course Attendance (CAR) table.

A new option is available on the Aeries Variables for Current School form to enable Alternative Education Scheduling

This option will allow sections to be scheduled for students for a specific Alternative Education teacher but will allow the Course ID to be changed per student.  Alternative Education Scheduling will eliminate the need for the school to create multiple sections per teacher per subject by allowing the Course IDs to be changed at the Student-Class (SEC) level.

Teachers will have a set of sections for each period in the Master Schedule, but the student’s Student-Class Course ID (SEC.CN) at the Class (SEC) level can be changed to be an applicable course for the student based on the district’s course file. 

The CALPADS Fall 2 and End of Year extracts have been updated to pull the new Student-Class Course ID (SEC.CN) field.

Previously a teacher would have multiple sections in the Master Schedule for each subject:

With Alternative Education Scheduling the teacher will now have one section per period.


The following will need to be set up before using Alternative Education Scheduling and will be detailed in this document:

  • Enable the option on the School Settings form for Alternative Education Scheduling
  • Set up Teachers and Staff records for the Alternative EducationTeachers for proper CALPADS reporting:
    • Staff record must have a valid State Educator ID (SEID) populated.
    • Staff Job Assignment - STJ records must be added.
    • Highly Qualified Teacher Stats - HQT information must be added.
  • Create placeholder Courses per period.  Course information for the placeholder courses does not need to be populated. 
  • Sections in the Master Schedule
    • Create sections by period.  Ex: Period 1 - Alt Ed Period 1, Period 2 -Alt Ed Period 2.
    • Populate the section with the Alternative Education teacher number.
    • Enter the Master Schedule Other Info tab.
  • Add sections to a student’s class schedule by using the Period Placeholder Courses created in the previous step.
    • When the sections are added, you can change the Course ID to the appropriate Course ID for the individual student.
    • When students complete a course and move on to another one in the same period, just change the Student-Section Course ID to the new Course.


To enable Alternative Education Scheduling, navigate to School Info | Configurations | School Settings. The option only applies to the current school.

NOTE:  The option defaults OFF and must be turned ON to support Alternative Education Scheduling.

The Alternative Education Scheduling option is near the bottom of the School Settings page.

When the option is ON, a warning message will display on the Classes form.


Teacher and Staff information need to be entered for the Alternative Ed. Teachers to ensure proper CALPADS reporting:

  • Staff (STF) record must have a valid State Educator ID (SEID) populated
  • Staff Job Assignment (STJ) records must be added
  • Highly Qualified Teacher Status (HQT) information must be added