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District Wide and Inactive School Options

Copy Custom SQL Modules - Technical Info

School Based Options

The New Year Rollover Settings tab contains all the options available for the New Year Rollover. The first time the user opens the New Year Rollover page the settings will be populated into the Rollover (ROL) table.

On the left side of the page is a list of all the schools in the database. Clicking on a school code or name will display the New Year Rollover options available for that school on the right side of the screen. The options are separated into 3 areas – District Wide, Inactive School, and School Based.

Admins and users with update permission to the ROL will have the Change button and Push to Other Schools button available above the New Year Rollover settings. Clicking on the Change button will switch the screen to edit mode and the user will be able to select or de-select the rollover options for that school code.

 To save the settings click the Update button.

Once all rollover options have been set up for a School, they can be quickly pushed to other schools that require the same settings by clicking the Push to Other Schools button, selecting the Schools that will receive the same rollover options, and clicking the OK button.

The Green Check and Red X under the Push? header can be used to Select All or Deselect All schools with one click.

After the rollover options have successfully copied to the selected schools a message will display indicating that the Rollover Options Push has completed.

Continue reviewing/updating the rollover options for every school. Keep in mind that different types of schools (elementary schools, secondary schools, special schools) may use different rollover options.

District Wide and Inactive School Options  ↑

The District Wide and Inactive School options can be set up when the District (school code 0) school is selected.

  • Clear existing District Asset Assignments (DRA) will clear the data from the DRA table. Not selecting this option will copy over all the data in the DRA table.
  • Increment credit requirements in Graduation Requirements (REQ). This option is available when the Graduation Requirements table contains a Subject Area code with different credit requirements values for the grade levels. If this option is selected the credit requirements will be incremented.
  • Copy next year’s schools to current year in Streets (STR). This option is available when the Next School (STR.N#) fields are different than the School fields (STR.G#) in the Street table. Selecting this option will copy the Street Next School field into the Street School field.
  • Only copy the latest set of Gradebook Backups (GBB). When selected, only the current year's backup of each gradebook number in the GBB table will be copied. Otherwise, all GBB records will be copied.
  • Only copy the most recent Student Photo (PIC) When selected, only the most recent photo for each student in the PIC table will be copied. Otherwise, all PIC records will be copied.
  • Bypass Teacher Briefcase Files (TFL) will not copy the Teacher Briefcase Files (TFL) records from last year.
  • Bypass Student Backpack Files (SFL) will not copy the Student Backpack Files (SFL) records from last year.
  • Bypass Medical Log (MED) will not copy the Medical Log (MED) records from last year.
  • Bypass Attendance Notes (ATN) will not copy the Attendance Notes (ATN) records from last year.
  • Copy Only Outstanding Fees (FEE) will only copy the outstanding Fee (FEE) records from last year’s database. Not selecting this option will copy all Fee Records.
  • Increment Staff Years in Service (STF) - Will perform the same function as the 'Update Totals' button on the Staff page.
  • Update Student Group Staff/Students:  This will remove inactive and matriculating students from Student Groups. Also removes inactive Staff assigned to Student Groups.

These two features are for Database Administrators:

Enable SQL Query Store: SQL Query Store automatically captures a history of queries, plans, and runtime statistics, and retains these for your review. Requires SQL Server 2016 or later.

Enable Compression to Improve IO Performance: Enable RO Compression on LOG Tables. Requires SQL Server 2016 or later.

  • Copy Custom SQL Modules - For customers who have extensively customized their Aeries SQL database. See the section below for more information about this option.
  • Close out open Authorizations (AUT)  Enter a date into the Authorizations End Date (AUT.EED) that will be used to close out any open Authorization (AUT) records.  Entering a date in Do NOT Close AUT if Status Date is After: will not close Authorizations that have been updated in latest Data Confirmation.  This allows schools that have Parents start Data Confirmation prior to the Rollover leave those new Authorizations open and close out the last years' Authorizations.

NOTE: Students that are not rolled forward into a valid school will be added to the Inactive School based on the values in the Inactive School Code and Status Tag fields, unless the “Bypass the Copy to Inactive School Process” option is selected.

  • Bypass the Copy to Inactive School Process – This option is for districts that have not traditionally maintained an Inactive School. If this option is selected, the Rollover process will NOT copy ANY students to the Inactive School. This means that students who became inactive during the year, as well as active students with an invalid Next School, will NOT be in next year’s database and will therefore appear on the Missing Students report. This option should only be used by districts who understand the ramifications.
  • Inactive School Code – enter the school code for the Inactive School.
  • Status Tag – enter the Status Tag for currently active students that will roll into the Inactive school. Aeries recommends creating a unique Status Tag code for the rollover so it can easily be queried in next year's database.
  • Copy Graduates into the Inactive School - Copy graduating students with Next Grade of 13 into the Inactive School instead of being left in the prior year.  *Not recommended*


Copy Custom SQL Modules - Technical Info

This option is available as a convenience for database administrators who have extensively customized their Aeries SQL database. If this option is checked, the Rollover process will attempt to copy all custom SQL modules from the current year database to next year's database.

Please be aware of the following details and limitations of this process.

  • Custom SQL modules include objects defined in the sys.sql_modules system catalog, which includes objects such as functions, stored procedures, triggers, and views. CLR objects and assemblies are NOT copied.
  • This option is NOT required in order to copy student-related custom tables that are identified in the CTD table. That will happen automatically and will include the table definition, primary key, foreign key, indexes, check constraints, triggers, and MS_Description extended properties where applicable. Also, if a custom View is identified in the CTD table, then the View definition will automatically be copied to next year's database regardless of the Copy Custom SQL Modules option.
  • The Rollover process will NOT create custom Schemas. If any SQL modules belong to a custom schema or contain references to objects in custom schemas, the database administrator must create the schema(s) and their objects in next year's database prior to starting the rollover in order for those modules to be copied.
  • The Rollover process will also attempt to copy Extended Properties of custom SQL modules if they exist.
  • Various factors outside of Aeries' control may prevent certain modules from copying successfully. For example, if the module definition references a separate database or linked server that is not accessible at the time the script is executed, the module will not be created successfully.
  • The Rollover process will ignore errors encountered while copying custom SQL modules, and Aeries does not attempt to report these errors to the administrator running the Rollover.

Aeries cannot guarantee that all custom SQL modules will be copied successfully. It is the responsibility of the database administrator to verify the existence of these modules in next year's database.

School Based Options

The School Based Options can be set up when the District (school code 0) school is selected or when another school code is selected.

  • Do NOT Copy Student Records from This School will not process student records from this school. This option is usually used to skip processing schools that are set up as after school programs or summer schools where students are actively enrolled in this school and in their regular school.
  • Bypass Master Schedule (MST) will not copy the Master Schedule (MST) records from last year
  • Clear existing Textbook Assignments will clear the textbook assignment fields in the TBC table. Not selecting this option will copy over the data in the TBC table.
  • Change New Students Enter Date. When selected and a date is entered, as a student is added to a new school in the new year database, their Enter Date (STU.ED) will be updated to the date selected in this option.

NOTE: when the “Use Schools New Year Start Date when populated” option is selected in conjunction with this option, the date entered in the New Students Enter Date option will be used when the school’s Next Year Start Date (LOC.NSD) is not populated.

  • Use Schools Next Year Start Date when populated. When selected, the school’s Next Year Start Date (LOC.NSD) will be used to populate the Student’s Enter Date (STU.ED) for students that are added to a new school in the new year database. The Next Year Start Date field can be found in School Info | School Options page in Aeries.
  • Copy Next Grade to Grade, add 1 to Next Grade. Will copy the Next Grade (STU.NG) field from last year into the Grade (STU.GR) field for the new year. It will also copy over the Next Grade field and increase it by one.
  • Do NOT Bump Grades (14, 15, 16, 17) when the grade is checked, the rollover will not increase the Grade (STU.GR) in the new year.
  • Only copy Student (STU) records under 25 years of age - This option will skip students 25 years of age and older from being copied to this school. The maximum age is customizable with a default value of 25. If this option is selected for the Inactive School, then it will apply when copying students to the Inactive School, as well.
  • Keep the same Locker assignments will leave the locker number the same as the current year if previously assigned.
  • Keep Secondary Counselors will leave the counselor (STU.CU) the same as in the current year.

NOTE: This option is meant for Secondary Schools only and should NOT be checked for Elementary and Elementary with Master Schedules

  • Copy Next Teacher to Teacher (elementary only) will copy over the Next Teacher field (STU.NT) from last year into the CU field.
  • Copy Next School of Residence to School of Residence - will copy over the Next Residence School field (STU.NRS) from last year into the Residence School field (STU.RS).
  • Copy Next Inter/Intra District to Inter/Intra District will copy over the Next Inter/Intra District field (STU.NIT/STU.NTD) from last year into the IT/ITD field.
  • Copy Next Track to Track will copy over the Next Track field (STU.NTR) from last year into the Track (STU.TR) field.
  • Copy Next Program(s) to Program(s) will copy over the Next Program fields (STU.NSP/STU.NP1/STU.NP2) from last year into the Program fields (STU.SP/STU.AP1/ STU.AP2)
  • Copy Next Grid Code to Grid Code will copy over any non-blank Next Grid Code field (STU.NGC) from last year into the Grid Code field (STU.GC).
  • Copy Pre-Enrolled Students from This School to their Next School will copy students pre-enrolled at this school to the school defined in Next School as long as the Next School is valid for their Next Grade instead of leaving them in this School.

NOTE: Some schools may have different settings. Remember to update all schools with the appropriate rollover settings. Also, the Inactive School does not need special School Based rollover settings configured with the exception of the "Only copy Student records under 25 years of age" setting. All other School Based settings are ignored when a student is copied to the Inactive School .