Recalculate Body Mass, Percentage Body Fat and VO2Max

If the Physical Fitness test scores were imported from another vendor you may need to calculate the Body Mass, Percentage Body Fat and the VO2Max values. 

In Aeries Client School Version there are three Macros available from the View All Macros form.  These Macros include the Recalculate Body Mass Index, Recalculate Percentage Body Fat and Recalculate VO2Max Scores. These macros can be run to update these fields.

Double click on the macro and a message will display.  Verify the message and click on the OK button. A message will display to verify whether you want to overwrite any existing values when recalculating the Percentage Body Fat or the VO2max Scores.  To overwrite all values, click on the Yes button.  To only update fields with no values click on the No button.  A message will display when complete.

Calculate Physical Fitness Status

The Calculate Physical Fitness Status function will allow you to update the Testing Pass Status (TPS) table. The TPS table stores the individual Pass Flags for the 5th, 7th and 9th grade Physical Fitness Tests as well as the Overall Status for these administrations. This function should only be used if the Passed/Not Passed flags have been updated either manually or through an imported file containing these flags. 

The Calculate Physical Fitness Status node is under School Info | Functions and can be run at the District or School level. The program will use the Passed/Not Passed flags from the PFT table to determine which Categories have been passed and will update the TPS table accordingly. 

When 5 out of 6 of the categories have been passed in the current or prior Testing Administrations the Overall Status will be updated in the TPS table indicating the student no longer has to take the Physical Fitness test.