The setup, testing and reporting of the CA Physical Fitness Test is detailed in these articles. The articles will provide information on the setup and population of multiple Physical Fitness Testing Administrations in a single year, selecting which tests to allow in each category, entering scores via various methods, reporting scores to the State, and loading results from the vendor.

A listing of the Physical Fitness Testing forms and reports can be displayed on one screen by filtering for fitness for Pages and for Reports in the navigation.  These screens are used to input, report and track results of physical fitness tests required by the state to be performed for grades 5, 7 and 9.   

Several tables are used to set up and maintain Physical Fitness Testing data:

  • The Physical Fitness Setup (PFS) table is used to configure which test parts are available for during a particular testing administration. 
  • The Testing Administration (TAD) table is used to set up the various testing administrations. 
  • The Physical Fitness Test Results (PFT) table stores the scores and test pass statuses for each test part as well as the overall Passed/Not Passed status for the students' physical fitness test.
  • The Testing Pass Status (TPS) table stores the pass status of each of the 6 categories plus an overall status for the 5th, 7th and 9th grade PFT tests. The physical fitness data can be displayed and updated and reports can be generated. 


Users that will be creating Physical Fitness Testing Administrations in Aeries Web Version will need:

  • Read, Insert and Update permissions to Portal Options
  • Read, Insert, Update and Delete permissions to Physical Fitness Test Results
  • Read, Insert, Update and Delete permissions to Physical Fitness Setup to configure the tests that will be available for the testing administration.

The Physical Fitness by Teacher page can be found in the Teacher Emulation node. User accounts with "Administer" access to the Physical Fitness Test Results can access this page.

Teachers will need Read and Update permissions to the Physical Fitness Test Results area in order to see and update Physical Fitness Test records.