Check the Freshdesk Solution Copy Scheduling Results to SEC/MST-School Startup for Secondary sites prior to completing the steps below.

Click this Freshdesk Solution for Elem w/MST.

Here are the steps to initialize Attendance and Course Attendance for the start of School:


Initializing attendance should be performed as close to the first day of school as possible and should only be done AFTER the Calendar and Terms have been setup and verified as well as enabling the Attendance History.

Note:  The Initialize ATT/CAR process can be run from the district for all or select schools and requires "Admin" access to the Attendance Security area.

Attendance History Configuration is found at the District

Attendance Accounting | Configurations | Attendance History Configuration

For more detailed information on Attendance History, please visit the documentation found Here

Ensure that the Calendar is correct

Terms must exist for each school before Attendance may be initialized (Including Elementary type)

Be sure that for Secondary and Elem w/MST schools that you have Terms defined for ALL terms being used by the Master Schedule.  To find all terms in MST, use the following in Query:


Be sure that each Term in the results is defined in the Terms area with appropriate dates

To initialize attendance, click the mouse on the Attendance Accounting node on the Navigation Tree. Next click on the Functions node under Attendance Accounting. Then click on Initialize ATT/CAR. In schools with a Master Schedule, this process will initialize both Attendance and Course Attendance. In an Elementary school with no Master Schedule, this process will only initialize Attendance.

Note: The Initialize ATT/CAR process requires "Admin" access to the Attendance security area.

Or, using the Page Search, filter on ATT/CAR

This Form will appear listing the number of students in each Grade, Program And Teacher (Elementary Only).  There may be warnings about Students not assigned to teachers.  Take the opportunity to click the "View Students" button to see the list of students in any of the categories listed.  Note in this screen shot; students without a teacher assignment should be resolved BEFORE the next step.

Once the Initialize ATT/CAR button is selected this message will appear to ensure that Attendance and Course Attendance should truly be initialized.

The same form will exist on the screen, but a new message will be included explaining that an email will be sent when the process is complete.

Note: A user must have Administer permission to the Student Attendance security area in order to initialize attendance.