Students must follow the course sequence in a pathway. Due to State reporting requirements, LEA's will be unable to pass the validations for certification if students complete the courses out of order.

This error occurs because students, reported as a Concentrator in a Career Pathway, must have a course in the CALPADS SCSC file extract associated with the Career Pathway within the same academic year. These courses must contain the state course code as defined in CALPADS Valid Code Combinations – Course Group Master Combos.

Students who ONLY complete the Introduction course are considered "Non-Concentrating Participants" and these students are never included in the SCTE file. Students should complete an Introduction course in a prior year, but must have the Concentrator course completed the same year the student is added to the pathway and reported to the State. If the pathway is funded, the Introductory courses may be mandatory. Please consult with the District's funding sources contact or CTE Coordinator to determine if applicable to the pathway.

Do not address ANY CERT errors until after the enrollment updates (SENR, SINF, SELA and SPRG) files and the EOY course submission (SDEM, CRSC, SCSC and SCTE) files have been posted with few to no errors. Most CERT errors are caused by file extracts that have not yet been posted error-free or from data that has not been correctly populated in Aeries.

  • Confirm that the course has been properly identified for reporting in the Career Pathway.
  • Confirm that the student has a current year record in the Career Pathway that is a concentrator level course.
  • Confirm that the student has the course in their transcript. (HIS table).
  • Check CALPADS Code Values for any "blank" translations.
  • Confirm CALPADS Valid Code Combinations for the Career Pathway.

For more information, please reference CALPADS Valid Code Combinations