Eagle Software utilizes Secure FTP traffic to protect your data during transfers. FTPS requires a dedicated client for transferring files to our network; connecting with a web browser or other platforms will not work. If you need a free FTP client, we suggest FileZilla. The credentials for logging in are as follows:

Host name: ftps.aeries.com

User name: aeriesuser

Password: 888Eaglehelp

Encryption: TLS

Attached is a screenshot of what your connection profile should look like in Filezilla under “File -> Site Manager -> New Site”:

Please give your file a name that identifies it as belonging to your school district. Aeries Software prefers you send your data to the Aeries FTP site as a password protected .zip, .rar or .7z type file formats. If you do send a password protected file please email the password to the Aeries Support Representative you were working with or Support@aeries.com.