The Career Pathway Dashboard displays data related to Career Pathway Codes and provides a quick and easy way to assign students Career Pathway Concentrator and Completer Records for CALPADS Reporting only. 

The Career Pathway Dashboard can be accessed on the Navigation tree under the Scheduling Process | Configurations node.  The Career Pathway Dashboard can also be added to My Favorites to provide easy access to the page.

When accessing the Career Pathway Dashboard page, a list of Pathways and Descriptions display in pathway code order.  An option is available to Sort Career Pathways by Description Instead of Code.

The Career Pathway Dashboard page can also be filtered to only display pathways that have defined courses by selecting Show only Pathways that have defined courses.

When accessing the Career Pathway Dashboard page from the district level, a School dropdown is available below the list of Career Pathway codes.  A school must be selected when viewing the Career Pathway Dashboard page from the district level.

The following is an example of the Career Pathway Dashboard when a code is selected. The top left of the Dashboard page will display the Career Pathway code and description selected.

Career Pathway Dashboard - Courses Section

A course section labeled Courses For This Pathway In This School will display courses that are connected to the selected Career Pathway code.

If no courses display, then there are no courses linked to the selected Career Pathway code.  The Add New Record button can be used to link courses to the Pathway code selected. 

The following fields will display when clicking on the Add New Record button.  A Search icon is available to search for the Course.  

When a course is linked to a pathway, a link is available on the Career Pathway Dashboard to the Course page.   The Career Pathways tab on the Courses page will now display the Career Pathway code and description. 

Pathway codes can also be added on the Courses page by clicking on "Add New Record" within the Career Pathways tab.


Career Pathways Dashboard - Student List

If the Show in Current Course option is selected, the students scheduled in the course will show on the Dashboard and the Course will display in the Current Course column. 

If the Show In Completed Course option is selected, students who have the completed course in their Transcript will show in the Dashboard and the Course selected will appear in the Show In the Completed Course column.

The Column Headings of the Student List are pulling data from various tables.  The labels are detailed below by number.

Labels 1 to 5:  Name (STU.NM), ID (STU.ID), Grade (STU.GR) , Status (STU.TG) and School (STU.SC) display from the Students (STU) table.

Label 6:  1st Yr - displays from the Career Pathways History (CPH.AY). This column reflects the academic year the student became a Concentrator.

Label 7:  Recent Yr - displays from the Career Pathways History (CPH.AY) table of records for the most recent academic year. 

This column will contain the same information as in Label 6 when the student is a marked as a Concentrator.


Label 8:  Comp? - displays from the Career Pathways Complete field - CPW.CM.


Label 9:  Current Course – displays if the course is in the student’s current Class Schedule (SEC).

Label 10:  Completed Course – displays course information from the Transcript (HIS) including the Mark, Credits Completed, Year, Term, and Course Level (CCP.LVL).  Only the courses selected with the option to Show In Completed Course will display. 

Completer Level courses (CCP.LVL = 03) with a Mark less than a "C-" will display in red.

Any course listed on the dashboard, regardless of the level,  where the student earned zero (0) credits completed will display in red.


The Career Pathways Dashboard has various display options. If an option is selected or deselected, click the Refresh button to refresh the data displayed.

Below are the options:

  • Include Pathway Students from Current Year will display students with CPW and CPH records for the academic year you are logged into. 
  • Include Pathway Students from Past Year will display students with CPW and CPH records from previous academic years.
  • Include Students Not in This Pathway will display students enrolled in courses selected in the Show In Current Course or Show In Completed Course options with no CPW and CPH records related to the Pathway code selected.
  • Include Students Marked as Having Completed This Pathway will display students with CPW records marked as Completed (CPW.CM = 1).
  • Include ONLY Students With Completed Courses will display students who have all of the courses selected in Show In Completed Course on their transcript. 

Please Note: These options are OR conditions and not AND conditions. Each option selected will be honored when pulling students into the dashboard. 

Career Pathways Dashboard - Add Current Year Record Button

The Add Current Year Record button is selected when adding Career Pathways (CPW) and Career Pathways History (CPH) records to students. 

Students can be selected or deselected by clicking on the box to the left of the student name.  Clicking on the checkbox at the top of the column will select or deselect all students.

To mass add or update students with Career Pathways (CPW) and Career Pathways History (CPH) records, use the checkboxes to select the students.  Then click on the Add Current Year Record button. This option must be selected when identifying students as Concentrators or Completers only when they have met the requirements in the current academic year. 

A confirmation message will display.  Click on OK to continue or Cancel to exit.

After selecting OK, the Recent Yr column will now display with the current year. In this example, since the 1st Yr and the Recent Yr columns contain the same Academic Year, this student is a Concentrator. 

A link on the Student Names provides a link to the Student Career Pathways page.

Career Pathways Dashboard - Mark Selected Students as Completed

To select students as Completers (CPW.CM = 1), use the check boxes to select the students on the left hand side of the student list.  Then click on the Mark Selected Students Completed button. 

Please Note: Before marking students as a Completer by clicking on the Mark Selected Students Completed button, students must have a current academic year record by clicking on the Add Current Year Record first.

A confirmation message will display.  Click on OK to continue or Cancel to exit.

Students will now display with a check mark in the Comp? box on the Career Pathways Dashboard. In the example below, now that the student has been marked as a Completer, the 1st Yr column shows the academic year the student concentrated in this pathway and the Recent Yr column displays the academic year the student completed the pathway. 

Also the student’s Career Pathways (CPW) records will be marked as Complete (CPW.CM = 1) on the Career Pathways page for the student.

In some cases, the 1st Year and Recent Yr columns can contain the same academic years for Completers. This commonly occurs in 2 year pathways where the student is scheduled in both the Concentrator and Completer courses in the same academic year or the pathway is a single multi-unit course. More information on such scenarios are located on the Career Pathways FAQ page.

Please Note: Only Students with a current academic year record will pull into the SCTE file for CALPADS End of Year reporting.

Below the student list on the Career Pathways Dashboard is a section labeled: The Features of Your Pathway In This School.   The section can be maximized by clicking on the + icon.  This section is not required to be entered. 

Survey information can be entered and will be stored in the District Options (DPT) table when you click on the Save button.  The School Code, Pathway Code and survey information will be stored.  This data will be used in the Career Pathway Extract Files for CCPT reporting.  More information is available in the Career Pathways Extract Files article.