The EOY course completion extracts pull data from Transcripts - HIS table.  

Secondary schools must copy grades to transcripts (HIS table) before obtaining these extracts.  

If the extract has zero (0) records, check the following:

  • Confirm that the Grade Reporting (GRD) data has been copied into Transcripts (HIS).
  • When Copying Grades to History, the History Section (HIS.SE) and History Staff ID (HIS.SID) will be populated from GRD.
  • If data exists in HIS, confirm the section data has been entered correctly (see snapshot below).
  • The school information on the transcript record must:
    1. Match the current school (MST.SC = STU.SC) 
    2. If the student has a Reporting Home School (STU.HS) populated, match the CDS of the Reporting Home School.
  • The record must be from the current school year.
  • History Marks (HIS.MK) of "blank" and "X" will be skipped.
  • History Section (HIS.SE) must match to a valid section in the Master Schedule (MST).
  • The Course (MST.CN) must be a valid course in the Course (CRS) file.   
  • Course records with number 6012 (Non-CBEDS Course) will be skipped.
  • History Terms (HIS.TE) must be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 8.