A concurrent or dual enrolled student is a student who is enrolled at two schools at one time. An example would be an 8th grader enrolled at a middle school who is taking a class at the high school.  If a student is concurrently enrolled and a pre-enrollment record needs to be created for scheduling purposes, do not add an additional student enrollment record.  Modify the enrollment record as follows:

For Students Inactivated During the School Year

  • On the Student Data 1 Tab:
    • For a student inactivated during the school year - Change the Student Status Tag (STU.TG) to "*".
    • Confirm that the Next Program (STU.NSP) field is accurate.
    • Confirm that the Next Grade (STU.NG) field is accurate.
    • Confirm that the Next School (STU.NS) field is accurate.

For Concurrently Enrolled Students

  • On the Student Data 2 Tab:
    • Set the EOY Status (STU.EOY) field to "170 - Secondary Enrollment Exit" to close the concurrent/secondary enrollment at CALPADS.
    • Set the EOY Next School (STU.ENS) field to the same school number as the concurrent enrollment since the student will be returning.
  • On the Student Data 1 Tab:
    • Leave the Student Status Tag (STU.TG) as is.
    • Set the Next Program (STU.NSP) field to "Regular Program" to remove the "Concurrent" designation.
    • Confirm that the Next Grade (STU.NG) field is accurate.
    • Confirm that the Next School (STU.NS) field is accurate

Note:  Concurrently enrolled students will be exited as of the last school day from the school Calendar (DAY). If a concurrently enrolled student will not returning, enter a Next Grade (STU.NG) = 13 to prevent the concurrently enrolled student from being scheduled and rolling over into the next year.

CALPADS Extract Other Options Page:

  • In STU.TG Values to Skip, do not select to skip the Pre-Enrolled for Next Year option.
  • The EOY CALPADS extracts will include students with concurrent and current year inactive enrollment records.

Scheduling Course Requests:

  • The student can now have course requests added to this enrollment record for scheduling purposes.

Rollover Process

  • During the rollover process, the exiting information (Leave Date or Student Data 2 fields) will be cleared out for the next year.