A concurrent or dual enrolled student is a student who is enrolled at two schools at one time. An example would be an 8th grader enrolled at a middle school that is taking a class at the high school.  If a student is concurrently enrolled and a pre-enrollment record needs to be created for scheduling purposes, proceed as follows:

  • In the concurrently enrolled school, enter a Student Attendance Program (STU.SP) for students so that they are identified as Concurrent.  Most likely, this has already been populated.
  • At the end of the year, exit concurrently enrolled students with an End Of Year (STU.EOY) value of 160 - Transferred to another California School.  This closes the concurrent enrollment records for students.
  • Enter a Next Grade (STU.NG) = 13 to prevent concurrently enrolled students from being scheduled and rolling over into the next year.
  • If concurrently enrolled students are inactive but will be returning next year as primary enrolled students, it is not advised to change the inactive tag (STU.TG = I) to the pre-enrolled tag (STU.TG = *). 
  • Students can be added by using the Add option on the Student Demographics form.  Copy students from their current "active" school location to create pre-enrolled records and leave the inactive concurrent enrollment records as is.  Students will have inactive concurrent enrollment records and pre-enrolled records which can be used for scheduling purposes.         
The reason for not changing inactive concurrently enrolled student records to pre-enrolled status records is that the pre-enrolled students will be excluded from CALPADS extracts if the CALPADS “STU.TG values to Skip” option is set for STU.TG = *.  If the option is not set for STU.TG = *, pre-enrolled students will still be excluded unless they have ENR records. If pre-enrolled students have ENR records they will be extracted.
  • Create Pre-Enrolled Students form has the option “Add Students where they already exist”.  If selected, the process will create a second pre-enrolled record for any student who is concurrently enrolled at the next school and the student will have two records:  

               1.  Pre-enrolled (STU.TG = *)  

               2.  Concurrent (STU.SP = C and STU.TG = " ").