Although Aeries will report a staff record becoming inactive to CALPADS, staff (STF table) and teacher (TCH table) data records should be updated each year to ensure good data reporting.  After the rollover, teacher records can be deleted at the school site if the teacher is no longer employed at the school.  Staff records, at the district level, can also be deleted after the rollover.  The maintenance of staff data within Aeries is a district decision.

Please update any staff who should no longer be reported to CALPADS following the guidelines listed below.

School Teacher Record Clean-up:

  • Remove the Staff ID.
  • Confirm teacher is not associated with any sections in MST/SMS.
  • Remove the Electronic tag.
  • Inactivate the teacher record.

District Staff Record Clean-up:

Click on the Pencil Icon

  • Change the School code to 0.
  • Enter a Leave Date.
  • Remove the FTE.
  • Remove the Position Status.
  • Inactivate the staff record.
  • Remove Job Assignments.
  • Remove HQT Status.