Effective 2019/2020:  CALPADS is still in transition regarding the new 23- College Credit and 24- Dual Credit codes as to how this will affect the reporting of College Credit Courses in CCI and Assignment Monitoring.   Aeries does not have a definitive directive on how these courses should be tagged. Once Aeries is provided with guidelines and documentation, this FAQ will be updated accordingly.

Aeries strives to provide our customers with the most recent information as provided by the State.  It is the district's responsibility to stay informed and use the methods of communication provided by CALPADS and the CDE to stay up-to-date with information.  To amend data for a previous year, please contact CALPADS.

Below are the guidelines for reporting Dual Enrollment Courses in Aeries:

  • Staff record needs to have the 9999999999 for the SEID to prevent SDEM and SASS records from extracting
  • Course Record – There are 2 elements the course must contain in order for a these dual enrollment courses (courses receiving college credit) to be identified by CALPADS. 
  1. The course must contain a code 16, which is what the CRS.CL = 40 converts to in the CRSC file (Field # 09.19) to CALPADS. 
  2. The state course code MUST be a CALPADS dual enrollment state course code or CTE state course code as defined in the Valid Codes Documentation by CALPADS.

Note:  This is the only combination that will be recognized by the state as a dual enrollment course.

  • CALPADS Code Value Translations:
    • Course Instruction Level Aeries Code 40 College Level (CRS.CL) = 16 College

Once these courses are set up correctly in Aeries, the courses need to be entered manually into the student's transcript once the course is completed at the college level and a transcript from the college is provided. The school taken will reflect the name of the college.  The college name and information must be entered in the Course History Institutions (CHI) table.

A new field within the transcript More screen has been added for Dual Enrollment Credit School.  This will allow user's the ability to enter the high school that is receiving the credit for this course and also the Staff ID

When adding a new Transcript record, the new field will display for Dual Enrollment Credit School (College Level Courses).  A search box is available and will display schools from the Course History Institutions (CHI) table.  Select the high school that is receiving credit for this course.

In Edit mode, the new field will only display for courses with the Course Level field populated as College (CRS.CL = 40).

The new field will display when clicking on the More button.

The CALPADS EOY extracts will create  "virtual" sections in the Course Section file (CRSC) to validate these college courses in the Student Course Section Completion file (SCSC) . This eliminates the need to create a false section in the master schedule. 

All update Revision Notes are posted.  See this link for reference:  Aeries Version Revision Notes