In Aeries, reconciliation is called ODS Audit/Reconciliation Process.  

Aeries recommends using the ODS Audit/Reconciliation Process that is located on a tab within CALPADS Extracts.  The ODS Audit/Reconciliation Process is designed to take the CALPADS ODS Extract file and validate the data against what is currently known in Aeries.  This process will adjust CALPADS data to be aligned with Aeries data.  As a result, subsequent submissions will be more successful.  If you have many re-occurring errors for many students, this is an efficient method for updating CALPADS with your data. 

There are three files that can be reconciled through this audit process:  SENR, SPRG, SELA.  Use the following links for further information:

SENR Reconciliation

SPRG Reconciliation 

SELA Reconciliation