Aeries Revision Notes 5/18/2023

New Features

  • Attendance Notifications - The page now supports a second start time for ParentSquare attendance notifications. Flex schools can now enter AM and PM start times. See Aeries Communications - Attendance Notifications Configuration

  • CCGI Extract 

    • Students are now processed in batches, enabling districts to select and process multiple schools at once. See Overview for CCGI

    • Transcript (HIS) records are no longer duplicated in the CourseGradeTemplate for dual-enrolled students. 

  • CALPADS - For California users, on the Other Options tab, the FRE.SCR codes to exclude from SPRG section was added allowing users to exclude certain Free Source records when processing the SPRG extract. See CALPADS Extracts - Other Options Tab

  • Attendance and Attendance History - For Texas users, the term summaries now include Days In School Suspension in the count of Days Present

  • Student Attendance Summary Report - For Texas users, the L.1 BE - Biling/ESL Refined ADA did not match the corresponding total in the Student Attendance District Summary, fixed.

Issue Resolved

  • School of Choice Requests - The 2nd School Choice field did not include schools added to the SCR.S2 code table as options, fixed. 

  • Student Attendance - When split terms or A/B Days were modified in a section and the Populate All Day Code Automatically option was enabled, the All Day field was not populated correctly when attendance was recorded for every period, fixed.

  • Attendance - At Flex Scheduling schools that had a custom Bell Schedule and custom ADA times defined for the same day, the All-Day code was not updated correctly for the Flex period, fixed. 

  • Mass Change All Day Code - For California users, students with periods that did not meet certain days who were absent every class period did not appear on the Update List, fixed. 

Database Changes

  • Attendance Notification Configurations (ANC) - Added the new Start Time 3 (ST3) field to use for the second ParentSquare attendance notifications.

Is it really necessary to release 2 or 3 updates a week?  Is there some reason they can't be consolidated for a Friday release like they used to be years ago?

The cadence of our releases on Tuesdays and Thursdays allows us to address any potential issues that may arise in a more responsive timeframe. Tuesdays are reserved for those updates that have been flagged (either internally or by the client) as needed immediately – for example, related to state reporting. Thursdays (once a week) is when we release any updates or new features that have been developed. By releasing on Thursday, we then have Friday to immediately address any questions or concerns our clients may incur. Releases on Fridays would not allow us to respond until the following Monday.

 I do not understand why anybody would complain about how you post updates.  In my case, I have come every day waiting to see if the ELPAC import has been updated, I rather know that sooner than the end of the week when it happens for example Thank you!

Hi Deborah,

Thank you for the clarification.  So essentially the Thursday update is the equivalent of the old cumulative Friday update and the Tuesday updates are the emergency updates.  As a self hosted customer who installs them I am trying to avoid possibly kicking users out of the system twice a week to install updates.  Looks like I can just focus on the Thursday updates unless there is some pressing issue that affects our users addressed in a Tuesday update.

Thank you again.

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