Known Issue - LTEL (Long-Term English Learner) Import Process - Fixed 5/23/2023

Update: A fix for this issue has been released in the 5/23/2023 update.  Here is the Revision Note:  

The Long-Term English Learner (LTEL) import now supports the new At Risk code AR-LTEL. See CALPADS Extracts - LTEL Import Tab

Known Issue:  The Long-Term English Learner (LTEL) file from the California Department of Education has changed as of May 12th, 2023  The file is unable to be processed in Aeries in the CALPADS Extracts - LTEL Import function.

It appears that the layout did not change but the Status code in the file for field 8 has changed for At Risk students.  

Previously the code was "AtRisk", in the new file the code is "AR-LTEL".

Programming is reviewing the new file and will be working on updating the LTEL Import process now to support the new code.

Users may follow the Aeries Idea to receive notifications on the progress of the fix:

LTEL Import Changes


Thanks for the information.  I was able to do a search and replace in the .csv file, changing 'AR-LTEL' to 'AtRisk', and the file imported properly.

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Thank you Kathy, appreciate Aeries assistance


I tried this and it did not import correctly for me.  Did you use AtRisk or all caps = ATRISK?

I used 'AtRisk'.  Also, I avoided opening the file in Excel or Google Sheets, as they can truncate leading zeros in SSIDs and cause other problems with resaved .csv files.  I made the changes in a text editor (Notepad++, though I'm sure windows notepad works well enough).

Thank you!  I will try to clean up the SSID's and try again.

Thank you.  It looks like I will need to wait until there is a fix for this.  My file is not importing correctly.

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