FUTURE CHANGES: CALPADS - Make available E150 Mid Year Enrollment Change and Auto-populate using 440 program change code

The CALPADS SENR ODS process does not auto-populate E150 codes from 440 exit reasons for all Mid-Year Enrollment Status changes when a student changes enrollment types within the same school during the school year. The SENR ODS process is auto-populating correctly for Enrollment Status changes going from Primary Enrollment Status (code 10) to Non-ADA (50 code) or vice-versa.  We are going to update the code to include the E150 exit reason in the Attendance/Enrollment exit reason dropdown to allow for manually populating Mid-Year Enrollment Status changes within the same school. The current logic is working as expected, and this change would allow a user to utilize the E150 code as needed according to CALPADS documentation. 

An Aeries Idea has been created that you can subscribe to allowing the selection of E150 code:  https://ideas.aeries.com/forums/925735/suggestions/41465785

We will also make a programming change to auto-populate the E150 exit code for all the Enrollment Status changes.  

An Aeries Idea has been created that you can subscribe to:  https://ideas.aeries.com/forums/925735/suggestions/46612918

As in the past, the 160 Exit code can be used for these situations.

Please note that while exit code 160 can be used, it goes against what CALPADS documentation and CSIS have said is the correct exit code. I don't believe Aeries should be recommending that districts disregard CALPADS support/documentation about CALPADS. Hopefully this gets resolved soon, either by creating the 150 code or by adjusting the 440 logic!


I am a bit confused about what the change was to current practice.

@Theresa - Please put in a ticket and we can share information on the process.

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