Known Issues - CALPADS Issues as of the 3/23/2023 Update - SENR ODS Issues Fixed in the 4/20/2023 Update

CALPADS Known Issues as of the 3/23/2023 Update - Fixed in the 4/20/2023 Update

  • SENR ODS Process: **Update:  These issues were fixed with the 4/20/2023 update.  Here are the Revision Notes:
    • CALPADS Extracts (California)

      Since the March 23 update, the SENR extract had the potential to fail or generate incorrect E150 Exit Reasons if the enrollment status code was not translated in the Cross Reference Information (XRF) table, fixed. Also, the E170 Exit Reason logic for enrollment status ADA 50 code was not automatically adjusted, fixed. 

      • When running the SENR ODS Process, some users are receiving the "Failed!" message and the process is not completing.  Programming is looking into this now.
      • Due to the changes from 3/23/2023 update, ALL Program (STU.SP) codes used in Attendance and Enrollment need to be in the CALPADS Code Translation table for the Enrollment Status (STU.SP) code set.  This includes STU.SP codes that are not reportable as a CALPADS Enrollment Status code.  They need to be translated to blank.  We are currently researching this.

Below is an example of a Enrollment Status (STU.SP) code translated to a blank:

  • SELA Extract: **Update: This issue was fixed with the 3/28/2023 update.  
    • Revision Notes:  CALPADS Extracts (for California users) - The SELA extract included duplicate records since the 3/23/23 update, fixed.

Is there an estimated date on when this will be resolved? I've been getting the Failed error message for a couple of weeks and need to get my CALPADS files in before testing begins next week. 

Thanks so much!

So I have been suffering this known issue for well over a week now.  Is there more info like when this will be corrected?

Hi Shannon, Can you please submit a ticket so we can research your issues?

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