Aeries Revision Notes 2/23/2023

New Features

  • Attendance Percentage Comparison - The page was added to allow users to compare the Prior Year ADA values entered on the School Information page for each campus to current year values for each campus and indicate any dates where the specified % Present was below the prior year ADA value. 

  • Interventions - The Referrer field lookup feature now uses the Staff table instead of the Teacher table. If Referrer is not a value from the Staff table, the field is renamed to Other when the record is saved. 

  • Interventions Dashboard -The Intervention by Referrer view and Download Details report now support the new Staff ID-based Referrer field.

  • Interventions by Student Report - The report now supports the new Staff ID-based Referrer field. 

  • Define Required Fields - For the Interventions (INV) and Assertive Discipline (ADS) tables, the Referrer (RF) field was removed and Staff Referrer (SRF) was added. Any districts or schools who had RF defined as a required field were automatically updated to use SRF. 

  • UC ELC Extract - For California users, the Student Contact Data extract file now includes an E-mail column that is populated with the Student Personal Email Address (STU.SPE). If STU.SPE is blank, then Student Email Address (STU.SEM) is used instead.

  • Parent Portal - For Texas users, the Texas Assessment link is now updated with a new Texas Family Portal URL using single sign-on (SSO) integration. See Texas Assessment SSO (Single Sign On).


Issues Resolved

  • Contacts - Since the 2/22 Aeries update, the Contacts page could display an error when trying to open it, fixed. The issue would affect districts if they had Aeries Communications enabled but did not have a SAML record named ParentSquare.

  • Flex SMS Board

    • The scheduling options were not saved between sessions, fixed.

    • The scheduler did not display the correct classes when filtering by semester, fixed. 

  • Gradebook Details - The number correct and percent correct fields were not displayed when Display Only marks for Teachers, parents and Students (Applies to SBG Grades and Gradebooks) was not selected on the Portal Options > Grades tab, fixed.

  • OneRoster API - In the 2/16 update, the assignDate and dueDate data elements were modified to conform with OneRoster v1.1 specifications, however, an error would occur when the assignDate or dueDate data element was blank in the PUT Lineitems endpoint, fixed. 

Database Changes

  • Interventions (INV) - Added a new Staff Referrer (SRF) field.

We went from January to March skipping February update.  So  it was the Teacher table now Staff table.

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