Aeries Revision Notes 11/17/2022

California Specific

  • CALPADS Extracts

    • The LTEL Import now handles the new LTEL file format and comma-delimited files. The load and process buttons for the LTEL state file were removed as they are no longer needed. Also the process now handles special characters in the file.  See CALPADS Extracts - LTEL Import Tab

    • The CRSE and CRSC extracts now limit the Class ID element to 20 characters, which is the maximum allowed. 

  • Scheduling Setup - The Use Staff-Section Association instead of Teacher Numbers (TN) with SMS sections option was displaying for elementary and elementary w/MST school types but should not be available, fixed.

Texas Specific

  • OneRoster CSV Extract - Texas specific Grade Level mappings have been added to the extract files for Users.csv, Classes.csv, and Courses.csv, to match the OneRoster CEDS standards. For Texas customers the mappings for Early Education and Pre-Kindergarten will now translate to the CEDS codes IT (Infant/Toddler) and PK (Pre-Kindergarten) respectively.

  • Texas State Reporting - The Compress Selected and Download Selected buttons were added to replace the Create compressed file field. The new feature improves the process of compressing selected files for download. 

  • Class Rosters Report 

    • The report columns were misaligned when printing for a reporting period that did not start on a Monday, fixed. The date columns now display "N/A" for days between the first Monday of the reporting period and the actual starting date.

    • The Course Title field overlapped the Term field, fixed. 

Issues Resolved

  • Avery 5160 Labels - The Student Name Labels report did not print the correct teacher for elementary and elementary w/ MST, fixed. An option was added called Use Counselor that gives the user the ability to print from STU.CNS instead of STU.CU for elementary or elementary w/MST schools. See documentation for Avery 5160 Labels

  • Gradebook Alerts - In the Parent and Student Portals, the page had the potential to prevent users from adding an alert, fixed.

  • OneRoster CSV Extract - In some cases, incorrect grade levels were extracted for teachers who teach multiple grade ranges, fixed.

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