Aeries Revision Notes 9/22/2022

New Features

  • OneRoster API - The Get Users endpoint now returns all a teacher's associated grade levels when the teacher teaches at more than one school. 

  • Aeries API -The GetTeachers endpoints,  api/v5/schools/{sc}/teachers/{tn?} and api/v5/staff/{id}/teachers/, now contain the low and high grade. See Aeries API - Staff-related end points

  • Import Test Results - For California users, the page now handles the new layouts for the Initial ELPAC (IELPAC) and Initial Alternate ELPAC (IAELPAC) files as released on August 3, 2022. See Test Specific Information - Initial ELPAC

Issues Resolved

  • Import Data to Aeries - An error was generated during the import for users whose username was longer than 21 characters, fixed.

  • Teacher Attendance 

    • Teacher accounts with multiple teacher numbers were not properly updated when attendance was submitted, causing attendance to appear as if it was not taken, fixed. Note that the attendance was being updated in the database, just not immediately visible on the page. 

    • The erroneous "Incorrect syntax near MST" message was displayed when course attendance did not exist in a Section Staff school, fixed. 

  • CALPADS Extracts -For California users, student enrollment records were improperly excluded from the final SENR Extract when the CALPADS SENR ODS extract file contained an SENR record with an N470 exit reason, fixed. 

  • 801a Extract - For California users, on the 801a extract column 9 would incorrectly report that a family was over the income threshold, fixed. 

Database Changes

  • Student Data (STU) - The length of the Record System (RSY) field has been increased from 50 to 255 to support a longer value.

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